UB #10 is out

UB 10 CoverAs my dear departed grandma used to say, “Better out than in”. She’d saythat right after cracking a loud, smelly fart that would linger for ages around the recliner where she sat and drank Tooheys out of steel tins and smoked Winnie Reds and watched her ‘stories’ on the tele.

What’s the new UB got in common with grandma Coolidge’s farts, I hear you ask? Well, density for one thing. This issue is chockers with interviews,
like Daniel Johnston, Off!, Swans, King Khan, GOD, Masters Apprentices, Steve Hughes, Vee Bees, Jello Biafra, The Dwarves and Blood Duster. There’s also a tribute to Oxx Art [R.I.P].

Check our list of stockists to see where to get it.

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