DEAD / Rabbits Unbelievably International Colouring Competition

colouring comp
DEAD and Rabbits are staging a colouring-in competition.

Here’s the deal:

Sharpen your crayons, folks, this is your chance to shine.

Unbelievably Bad Magazine recently made the questionable business decision to include a FREE 7″ flexi disc with issue #14 featuring the two rock bands DEAD (Aus.) & RABBITS (USA).

Inside this mag you’ll find a conveniently placed foldover cover for said record ready for you to cut out, colour in and place on your record shelf in a prominent position where guests can marvel at your artistic skill and taste in music.

And in a transparent attempt to get more people to buy the mag we’re offering you the chance to win really cool stuff AND scene glory.

All you need to do is buy a copy (can’t stress this part enough), tear out the b/w cover provided in the mag, colour it in and take a photo and share it on this event wall. If you can’t do that then message it to us or email it.

You don’t need to stay within the lines ‘cos that’s like, conforming, man.

Adult Category:
(13 and up)

Under 13s category:
(12 and under, no cheating)

Encouragement award for the crappest entry:
(like the time Jem played tennis)

The winner in the adult and Under 13 category receives the following:

UB T-Shirt
Rabbits and DEAD LP or T-shirt (your choice).
The feeling of being an absolute champion.

The encouragement award will be way shitter.

Check out some of the awesome entries already submitted on Facebook

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