Sweet little fifteen

UB_15_cover_siteA new issue of UNBELIEVABLY BAD is currently worming its way into Australia’s finest record outlets and distros.

This hideous beast is sixty-eight pages with cover art by great Aussie bogan Marty Schneider who plays in that sick band Chroma from over the Bridge.

Inside there’s a heart-to-heart with Royal Headache singer Shogun, a head-to-head with Melvins titan King Buzzo, and an all-in-brawl with rock warriors Hits! (they win, of course).

There’s deep and meaningful discussions with Daniel Stewart of Distort zine/Straightjacket Nation/UV Race/Total Control, a couple of the members of Long Knife, and Sick Rick from Sick People/Ripped Off.

Glenno Smith has done words and illustrations on KISS’s 1980 Australian tour based on a photo album belonging to a former Peter Criss look-alike competition winner – it’s so awesome it cannot even be described properly.

There’s also a chat with Keith Hamlyn (Midget, Meat Cake, etc.) on why Keith is the most rock ’n’ roll name ever, the obligatory Herschell Gordon Lewis interview and more besides that too.

Pick it up from one of these locations. Out-of-towners can get it via our ye olde online shoppe.

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