Fifteen bands do ‘Damaged’ in a day at Goatsound

Goatsound_Damaged_coverJason ‘PC’ Fuller decided that if he was going to have to work hard to promote his new and improved Goatsound studio space in Reservoir, Victoria, he might as well make the hard work fun. So he invited fifteen bands around one day to record the whole of Black Flag’s Damaged album.

Fuller told UB the decision to record a Damaged tribute made sense for several reasons.

“First of all, I love the album,” he said. “Damaged was the one that introduced me to Black Flag. Also, as a band Black Flag have that loose/ tight thing, it makes it easier than trying an Opeth album. And can you imagine trying to find fifteen bands that actually like that shit?”

Each band had a thirty-minute slot to record a song, and different bands handled their time in the Goatsound booth differently.

“Some bands would do one take and talk about it for ten minutes before they did that one take (Blunt Shovel), while others (like Flour) would just run though five takes as quickly as humanly possible, like ‘let’s go next take… 1,2,3,4 go!’ I think both ways have merit. Recording like this is such a good feeling. People are forced to just do shit and live with what happened. And no matter how they approach it, the results are
a really good representation of the bands as they actually are.”

The recordings were mixed at Goatsound, mastered by Paul Fox at Indiemasters, and the cover art was done by Rohan Harrison.

Asked to pick a dark horse, Fuller points to torrid noise peddler Dan Tucceri, who applied a unique approach to album closer “Damaged I”, recording it in the toilet.

“Dan is probably the finest musician on the recording and he turned in the least traditional musical representation of the lot,” said Fuller. “His version is deranged, damaged even, like Rollins back in the day. Artistic but still fucked.”

Tucceri described his performance thusly: “I had about eight or nine beers (I’m a lightweight, so it went straight to my head). I set my piano up in Fuller’s toilet and screamed and yelled for about five minutes, took a piss, banged on his washing machine, broke bottles and played some piano. Fuller made me clean up the broken bottles.”

In addition to Tucceri, the Goatsound Recording / Rehearsal Studios Black Flag album reinterpretation features Boozer, The Surefire Midnights, Acid Vain, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Jamie Hay & Liam White, Blunt Shovel, Flour, Hostile Objects, The Kill, Party Vibes, Devil Monkey, The Ruiner, Watchtower and Vicious Circle.

Available for download today (June 10) via the studio’s bandcamp, it is free for all but Goatsound encourages listeners to make a donation, which they’ll pass on to Sea Shepherd.

“Everyone did a fucking killer job and I’m so happy that it happened,” said Fuller. “Hopefully people donate some cash to Sea Shepherd as well. At the very least it’s a good cause.”

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