UB in a Copier Jam!


UNBELIEVABLY BAD is privileged to be a part of the Copier Jam! exhibition, which opens officially this Sunday at the Childers Art Space in regional Queensland.

The spiel says: “Copier Jam! is an exhibition showcasing current zine and independent comic creators, collectives and distributors from across Australia. The exhibition will include the publications alongside original art, layout pages, workings and even a vending machine that distributes zines.”

It was put together by the most awesome Jeremy Staples of Bizoo Zine and will feature his work, our work, and work by Iain McIntyre, Andy Paine, Ashley Ronning, Aunty Mabel’s Zine Distro, Ben Constantine, Canberra Zine Emporium, Comicoz, Douglas Holgate, Gemma Flack, Golden Stapler Awards, Philip Dearest, Silent Army, Squishface Studio, Sticky Institute, Vanessa Berry and You Zine.

It’ll have other zine scene stuff like workshops and also a Do-It-Yourself Creation Station. And the Canberra Zine Machine will be there!

The official opening is this Sunday, July 26, at 10am as part of the Childers Festival.

Copier Jam! will run at Childers Art Space until September 27 and then go on the road in 2016-17.

The site with the dee-tales: copierjam.com


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