Michael Crafter – three gigs, two tapes


Michael Crafter have got two new tapes of very fast and anti-social music to launch so they’ve planned some shows for this weekend.

They play Friday night (Aug 7) at Valve Bar, Sydney with Hygiene (ACT), Choke, Sick Machine (Vic), Midwife (Vic) and Dispolar.

Saturday (Aug 8) they’re up in Newcastle at Hombre Records for an AA show with Choke, Sick Machine, Pesci and Howard.

Then Sunday (Aug 9) they’re back in Sydney at Black Wire for an AA arvo show with Midwife, Scrotal Vice and Dead Architect.

The first of the two new cassette releases is Blasting In Borneo, recorded in 2013 at a show in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, limited to 100 tapes via Stocked Distro. The other tape is a split with Charl Mangy released by Suffering Nutsack Records. Limited to 20, there will be a second run of 50 coming soon.

More details on Crafter’s Facebook page.

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