UB #16: Rockin’ and trollin’ and whatnot


Unbelievably Bad #16 is available now, with cover art by Mike ‘theartoffox.com’ Foxall.

It features long interviews with Nathan Williams (Power, Dribble, Gutter Gods), Angie Bermuda (Angie, Gloss, Straight Arrows, etc), Kegan Daly (Space Bong, Funeral Moon) and John ‘Mad Macka’ McKeering (Onyas, Boondall Boys, Cosmic Psychos, etc).

Ian ‘Bobsy’ Millar of The Coloured Balls talks about Sharpies, Ian Cunningham of Aussie outsider punk heroes The Chosen Few recalls their time killing and maiming, and Barney Napalm implies Tony Abbott is a hypocrite.

There’s an essay on how far ahead of their time 2 Live Crew was, and we ask Chris Barnes if Seth from Anal Cunt really did kick his arse (as rumoured).

Obligatory HG Lewis interview, tons of reviews, and Wagga Wagga giant Clive Darril is ‘Freak of the Week’.

Costs $8 from our usual stockists.

Out-of-towners can get it from us via BigCartel.

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