A Christmas Message from Colonel Sanders



No matter how many years go by or how old we get, that timeless greeting still contains a lot of magic in it. Another part of Christmas that never ceases to thrill us is the beautiful music of this wonderful season. New songs are written every year for this joyous occasion and, like the traditional songs, they make our hearts glow with the Christmas spirit. Most of them bring back fond memories of earlier Christmases.

My memories of Christmas as a youngster are happy ones. Times we hard on the small Kentucky farm where we lived. My widowed mother worked hard to support the five little ones in her brood. But difficult times were momentarily forgotten when Christmas rolled around. Our tree never had many presents under it, but there was an abundance of love in the air as we gathered around to sing our favorite Christmas carols. I’ll never forget those Christmas days at home!

Many years later, my chicken recipe laid the foundation for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation. I made my mark in life after I was 65 years old, but I must admit I always feel like a child at Christmas!

Christmas always brings back a lot of memories to me, but the real meaning of Christmas has always remained the same: peace and good will to all men! I guess at one time or another we have all made the remark: If only people could keep the spirit of Christmas the other 364 days of the year, what a wonderful world this would be.” Well, my friends, it is possible…but it has to start with you and me, don’t you see.

May you and your family have the best Christmas ever! God bless us all.

Colonel Harland Sanders


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