Blackie is Releasing a Song a Day for a Year



Twenty-sixteen is an Olympic year and Peter ‘Blackie’ Black is going for Gold. The veteran guitar player for the Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly-cum-solo performer-cum-cabbie is going to attempt to release one song every day. And since it’s a leap year that means 366 songs written, recorded and released in as many days. If he manages to pull it off, it’ll be a truly great moment in Australian sport.
Unbelievably Bad spoke to Blackie as he was limbering up…


What’s your motivation for trying to release a song a day for a year?
It’s super easy and hard to answer at the same effing time. I think basically I’m so enthralled by music that I wanted to do/try something big. That’s a real simplified version. My age played a part as well. Been playing my whole life pretty much, even before the Hard-Ons started I was in a police club brass band, so non-stop (ha!), and it’s made my life very special, very pleasurable. Doing this I’m gonna get such a HIT. 🙂

What are your plans for recording? Will the material be all new and will it be mainly you playing solo?
It will mainly be me playing solo but that doesn’t mean all-acoustic like most people assume. Except for drums, which I can’t play for shit, I will play the rest when I can. The main drummer will be Joel Ellis who I’ve played with for nearly twenty years. He’s tops and versatile and we click real well. Hoping to play with people who I like and admire, will just have to wait and see, each track will tell me what it needs, yadda, etc. Recording will mostly be done with Jay Whalley and Chris Townend. I’m not proficient at recording myself and it if sounds shit why would anyone be interested? I still have to work a job as music is so devalued these days, so each recording session will have to be FAST then quick! back in the taxi to pay rent…

How will you release the songs each day – internet, obviously, but have you worked out a specific time or method of delivery?
The songs will be released through my bandcamp site, Peter Black Solo. If ya dig what ya hear and wanna download the tracks it’s only $9 a month, plus you’ll be helping me pay recording costs! And after, dunno. The label who does our vinyl, Red Lounge Records, was jokingly saying we should do a best of for each month on vinyl. That would be sweet.

You’re pretty prolific anyway – writing material for solo, Hard-Ons, Nunchukka… – but 366 days  is gonna test your stamina.
In all honesty, I’m not a great player. I never pick up the guitar to practice very often but I constantly pick it up to write. I love doing that and would love to do it all day long. I’ve said a lot (to myself, of course) I wish the Brill Building still existed ’cause that would be my dream job.


Listen to a song a day in 2016 via the Peter Black Solo bandcamp site and support his endeavours by subscribing if you can

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