Saving Sydney this Sunday


For anyone who lives in Sydney and has experienced the gradual strangulation of the city’s nightlife due to a raft of over-legislation (not to mention the hypocrisy of the NSW State Government allowing casinos exemption from the lockout laws that have pushed many businesses to breaking point and beyond), you will want to be a part of the Keep Sydney Open rally this Sunday, February 21.

It starts at Belmore Park around 12:30pm. A march into the CBD will stop at the soon-to-be-closed Bar Century to conduct a mock funeral for all the shuttered venues, small businesses and jobs lost since the lockouts. Royal Headache are going to play a few tunes and there’ll be speakers and all that rally jazz.

For anyone who doesn’t live in Sydney (ya call this livin’!?) and doesn’t know what the ruckus is about, this long article by Matt Barrie that ignited the current debate lays it out nicely.

Sunday’s rally is being organised by Keep Sydney Open.

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