Lifting The Mummies’ Curse: A dumb interview with Trent Ruane



Unbelievably Bad caught up with the previously-never-been-caught Trent Ruane (keyboards/chuckles) to find out what’s on his mind ahead of the first Mummies tour ever in Australian history. Turns out not much, really…


What brings you to Australia after all these years?
The Easybeats.

What pre-conceived notions do you have about this country?
We’re looking forward to the strudel.

What would be your preferred way to die from these following ways – snake bite, spider bite, saltwater crocodile attack?
Snake bite, because there’s a chance I could convince someone to suck the poison out.

The Mummies split up in the nineties and now get back together sporadically every few years. What heights have the various members gone onto since the Mummies split in the nineties?
Haemorrhoids, joint pain, tinnitus and rampant ear and nose hair.

Will The Mummies’ appearances continue to be sporadic? Will you ever “take this seriously” again?
We never stopped taking it seriously. That’s why we’ve FINALLY MADE IT TO AUSTRIA.

Are The Mummies likely to ever make another recording?
Yes, we’re scheduled to make another recording in 1992.

 Is there anything more you’d like to say to the rock ’n’ roll fans of Australia, maybe some advance warning?
Please don’t come see us so we can go home early.




The Mummies will play Max Watts, Melbourne on March 9, Hermann’s Bar, Sydney on March 10 and The Highway, Plympton, SA on March 11

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