Masta Gravity: Battling Desperately to Save Rock ’N’ Roll

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Meet Masta Gravity, a Sydney two-piece battling to save rock ’n’ roll with the most earnest rock show in the land.

Maqk Anthony (guitar/vocals) is a warrior. “I’m just a warrior,” he says, “a warrior that is sent out to fight the battle of all battles with my axe beside me, which is my guitar. I’m fighting for rock ’n’ roll to come back into this world!”

His counterpart, The Storm (also on guitar/vocals), is, well, a storm. “As you can see, I’m wearing the eye of The Storm,” he says. “I’m obsessed with storms. And I stomp around the house like a storm.”

Masta Gravity has been rocking along with their trademark backing tape featuring bass and drum accompaniment played by them for ten years now.

“We wake people up,” says Maqk Anthony. “We say, ‘Hey, there’s a real band out there!’ And we want you to join us in the ride, in the thrill of the show.

“You get the energy, not just from the show that we put on, but you get the energy from the sound, the soundwaves that vibrate through the air, the music, you will feel nothin’ but energy.”

Part of Maqk Anthony and The Storm’s mission is to bring good times back to rock.

“We are the you that you don’t know about; we are you deep inside,” says The Storm eerily. “That’s what Masta Gravity is about. We bring out all those feelings in the songs, in the sound and in the lyrics; we bring all that up because no one else can. It’s like how people say ‘We are all one’. You know what, we are all one, but not everybody can be the Prime Minister of Australia. So we are your feelings and your voice uncovered.

“We are glam metal mixed with pop. We’re not too aggressive, we’re not too soft, we’re not too this, we’re not too anything. Maybe we are too colourful! But that’s what Masta Gravity is about.”


During Masta Gravity’s time stomping the boards in their way-out boots they have released one CD, gone on a promotional tour of America where they played a gig at the Red Blood Club in Dallas, and brought the Newtown Fire Brigade out to a show at the Marlborough Hotel with their overzealous smoke machine.

Just lately, Masta Gravity has really started taking off. They’ve been flogging YouTube with some of their “greatest hits” like Reddit sensation “Lost In The City” and “I Just Wanna Sleep And Be Around You”, they are contesting the final of the Agincourt Hotel’s battle of the bands tonight (Feb 24), and they are about to tour interstate for the first time.

Masta Gravity will be on the road over the coming weeks, hitting Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Check your local guides and star charts and

“Come and see our shows, you’re more than welcome, ladies, if you know what I mean,” says Maqk Anthony. “Come and hear our awesome songs. It’s all about having a good time, rockin’ out, cheering on, feeling the passion, feeling the power.”




An in-depth interview with Masta Gravity will appear in the next edition of Unbelievably Bad, issue #18, on sale in March.


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