Unbelievably Bad Goes to Hell

Community Service Announcement
By Unbelievably Bad staff


The latest issue of the always-deplorable Unbelievably Bad zine is (finally) available, with ‘UB Goes to Hell’ cover art by Ross Radiation.

The design brief we gave Ross was: “Ross, we need to raise the cover price of UB by $1 because of the rising cost of print and postage. Could you please draw something that’ll burn people’s retinas out so they won’t notice the hike? Onya.”

He nailed it. Sorry.

Issue #18 is hard on the eyes and heavy on the pocket but is rammed with big interviews with Guy Maddison and Mark Arm from Mudhoney, Bill Posters from Rocks and KK Warslut from Deströyer 666.

We introduce you to your new favourite glam warriors, Masta Gravity, we fight about footy and discuss The Victims with Dave Faulkner, and we talk about the Southeast Asian grindcore scene and filmmaking with Rohan Thomas, director of the DIY documentary The Other Option.

There’s a US tour diary by Perth punks Helta Skelta, a brief history of long-forgot Sydney trio La Sect Rouge, a lesson in concert promotion by Woody McDonald and a look into the career of the fastest midget on wheels. Plus all the usual dumb shit and the routine chat with ‘Godfather of Gore’ Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Australian residents, please support your local music community and get Unbelievably Bad from your nearest UB stockist. For out-of-towners, we have an online shopping emporium for your perusal.

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