Total Lubrication imminent

Community Service Announcement
By Unbelievably Bad staff

Lubricant_tour poster.jpg

Lubricant from Singapore arrive next week to stomp our eastern seaboards and elsewhere. Well worth checking out if you’re in the area and feeling like having your head mashed in a bit by some crucial hardcore punk.

Presented by NGM Records and Lost in Fog, the tour is centered around Brisbane’s annual three-day Total Attack Fest on the weekend of May 6-8.

Lost in Fog will have a six-song Lubricant 2016 Australian Tour Tape for sale at the shows. You can listen or download the tracks here:


Lubricant 2016 Australian Tour dates:
April 28: Bar Open, Melbourne
April 29: Melbourne at Hotshots, Melbourne (AA)
April 30: Portugal Maderia Club, Sydney
May 01: Black Wire Records, Sydney (AA)
May 02: Croatian Club, Newcastle (AA)
May 04: Tatts, Lismore (AA)
May 05: Beetle Bar, Brisbane
May 06-08: Total Attack Fest, Brisbane
May 11: Rad Bar, Wollongong (AA)
May 13: Formate Basement, Adelaide

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