Sydney duo Warm Feelings demand weed for the needy

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Sydney two-piece The Warm Feelings are calling bullshit on what they see as the pharmaceutical conspiracy surrounding the debate of medicinal marijuana.

“The reason marijuana is illegal is because the pharmaceutical industry cannot put a patent on the plant so they are trying to release a synthetic version, which is insane,” says Warm Feelings vocalist/guitarist Damo Sawyers. “The song is about the whole medical marijuana issue and states that it helps the suffering of cancer and AIDS.

“America is way ahead of Australia and several States have approved medical usage and Colorado has made recreational use legal and made millions of dollars in taxes that have been put back into the community.”

“Pharmaceutical Conspiracy” is the first new music from The Warm Feelings since their debut “Growing You” / “Merry Go Round” 7” in 2013. It will feature on a four-song cassette via Paradise Daily.

Damo and partner in grime, drummer Mert Balkanli, have been plugging away at tracks for their debut album for several years and are now in the mixing stage with Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows).

“Mert and I argue a fair bit and it has made this record take a bit longer than it should,” explains Damo. “But since we had a physical fight things don’t seem to escalate as far as they used to. We had a fight one night after a gig and that slowed things down. And I got better at singing so I redid the vocals a couple of times.”

Finance was also a barrier, but, as Damo tells UB, the band came up with a novel way of getting the money to complete the album – by starring in a hardware chain commercial as part of a bogan hard rock band along with Nic Warnock (RIP Society, Bed Wettin Bad Boys) and Colin Thompson (Ghastly Spats, God K).

“I signed up with an acting agent about a year ago and have done two ads,” he says. “One required a rock band so I got Mert and Nic and Colin in. We all wore denim vests and aviator sunnies and looked like bogans from the eighties and we got the ad.

“This ad paid nicely so Warm Feelings ended up having the cash to professionally mix and master our record. Having the cash made us get our shit together and I finished all the vocal overdubs and it got us excited about the band again.”



The Warm Feelings tape is out soon through Paradise Daily.

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