Michael Crafter has split a flexi with Detroit’s Dead Church

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Mincecore phenomenon Michael Crafter have released their first recordings as a four-piece with three tracks on a split flexi with Detroit grind band Dead Church (not to be confused with Spider’s latest outfit, who also have a flexi out).

UB got the word from Crafter guitarist Dave Bate.


Michael Crafter has been a four-piece for years but this is the first release as a four. Took a while, huh?
We first became a four-piece in September 2013. Alex Wood and Kieran Smith played drums for a few shows before we got Max [Marquis] in November 2013. We took a while to learn the old songs and then write for the album, which was recorded in May 2015. Since then we have been a bit quiet but will turn it up when the debut album comes out.

Why is the four-piece better than the two-piece?
Better drumming, guitar playing, singing, songwriting, etc.

How did the Dead Church hook up happen?
Dead Church have done splits with Suffering Mind, Faction Disaster and Noisear. They hit me up to do an MC split some time in 2013 and it has only just happened. Since then a Sydney band has formed called Death Church, which is quite funny. I hope someone buys the flexi expecting to hear angsty death rock but cops a torrent of blasting instead.

Best and worst things about flexis?
Best: they are cheap so you can sell them cheap ($5). Worst: they sound kinda crap. But that just adds to the raw-grind sound anyway, so it’s kinda cool, too.  I’m pretty happy with the sound quality of our flexi, though.

Will this be the last Crafter release before the album?
Probably. The album should be out in October with a national tour to follow.




The Michael Crafter / Dead Church flexi 7” is $5 from MC’s bandcamp site.
An in-depth interview with Michael Crafter featured in Unbelievably Bad issue #17, still on sale in some stores.

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