Check out Jacko’s legful of Cosmic Psychos tattoos

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Knighty and Jacko

Jacko from Sydney’s northside is a mental Cosmic Psychos fan from way back but he only recently decided to dedicate a leg to them.

Under the gun of Oliver West at Dee Why Tattoo, Jacko has built a flesh monument to the Blokes You Can Trust, with logos, song titles and the band members as flattering caricatured by Lluis Fuzzhound.

“It’s important to me that the tattoo artist is into what you want, and Oliver is,” says Jacko. “We spend most of the time laughing as he is putting me through pain. I think he likes it. He will go places.”

UB spoke to Jacko some more about his psycho needlework…



How far back do you go with Cosmic Psychos?
Mid-eighties. I found them by accident. I was going to bands weekly and loved seeing the Psychotic Turnbuckles. Someone said the Turnbuckles were playing at the Landsdowne but I turned up and it was Cosmic Psychos. The first note of Knighty’s fuzz bass, cunts jumping off the bar going nuts, I was in and never looked back.


Tell us a story from the old days of seeing the Psychos…
My funniest time was driving my old Vee Dub down Parramatta Road and saw Knighty [Ross Knight], ‘Dirty’ [Peter Jones] and the drummer [Bill Walsh]. I pulled over and Knighty, longneck in hand, said, “What’s doing, mate, give us a lift to the Pismo [Petersham Inn] where we’re staying?” Three days later, I went home.


When did you get your first tattoo and what was it?
First tattoo was a little cross on my ankle. I was 14. The tattooist said, “How old are you?” I said, “18.” He said, “What year were you born?” I said, “Ahh, whatever year makes me 18.” He said, “Come on then, get in the chair.”


When did you get your first Cosmic Psychos tatt? What made you then want to go further?
Surprisingly, my first CP tatt was last year. I loved the road sign of the kangaroo drinking beer so that was the first one. Then I got Knighty, depicted as he was in the animation in The Bloke’s You Can Trust movie. I contacted the director Matt Weston to ask permission. He said, “Go for it. If there’s a problem later we can cut your leg off.” Then I got Macka [John McKeering] and Rocket [Robbie Watts], and for Rocket I had three amps done with “R”, “I”, “P” on each one. I sent Macka a text asking if Dean [Muller] would like to be a lizard like in the “Bums For Grubs” clip. He said, “All good. Surprise me.” After that came the CP logo with the skeleton sticking his finger up.





Who did all your Psychos tatts?
My tattooist is Oliver West. It’s important to me that the tattoo artist is into what you want, and Oliver is. We spend most of the time laughing as he is putting me through pain. I think he likes it. He will go places.


Bill didn’t make the cut?
A lot of people ask me why no Bill. I have no idea what happened between Bill and the band but Knighty is a legend and I don’t think “Kill Bill” was written about the Quentin Tarantino movies.






Macka from the Cosmic Psychos was interviewed in-depthly in Unbelievably Bad issue #16, which you can still get from the UB online shop.

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