Deströyer 666 coming to “take Australia from behind” in November


Deströyer 666 will return to Australia in November in support of their killer new album, Wildfire.

The Melbourne-born, now London-based abomination will hit all the major cities, and Canberra.

The first D666 album since 2009’s Defiance, Wildfire is a stunning return to form. Unbelievably Bad said it “contains some of the most undefiled, vicious, evil, brutal, crucial metal being forged right now. It’s pure Valyrian steel. It’s the kinda record Slayer might make if they weren’t just in it for the cash.”

Speaking to Unbelievably Bad, Deströyer 666 leader and mainstay KK Warslut promised all manner of delights upon his return to the Antipodes.

“We’ll be back in November to raise some hell again,” Warslut said. “I’m gonna take the world over my knee and give the big-bottomed mumma a damn good spanking.

“First we’re gonna come in New Zealand then take Australia from behind, right up her Murrumbidgee! Then when Iayres Rock hard, I’m gonna cum in her Great Australian Bite.”



Deströyer 666 Australian Tour dates:
Friday, Nov 4: Crowbar, Brisbane
Sat, Nov 5: Manning Bar, Sydney
Sun, Nov 6: The Basement, Canberra
Fri, Nov 11: Max Watts, Melbourne
Sat, Nov 12: Enigma, Adelaide
Sun, Nov 13: Rosemount Hotel, Perth


The latest edition of Unbelievably Bad contains an in-depth interview with KK Warslut on Deströyer 666 and other evil stuff. Issue #18 is on sale now.

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