Disparo! are about to embark on the most redonkulously extensive tour an Aussie fastcore band has ever attempted

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Sydney’s fastcore sopranos Disparo! are about to embark on a world tour so extensive you almost need a magnifying glass to read all the dates on the poster.

They start out with a few local warm-ups from May 10 to 15 then jet Stateside for the first show in Los Angeles on May 18. They spend roughly a month going all over the States, then a further six or so weeks singing for their suppers through Europe, the UK, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Disparo! vocalist Tommy Miller accepts responsibility for this madness, which he all but admitted to UB in this interview…


What made you think something this gigantic was possible? Who did most of the legwork?
Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 🙂 We picked the best weather conditions for the countries we are going to so we don’t freeze to death like last time (see Disparo! world tour number 1). I’ve been booking this all myself for the past six months with help from awesome friends/strangers all over the world.

When you say Disparo! world tour number 1…?
The first one was seven weeks across USA, UK and Europe but it was in winter. Minus 20 was the coldest we experienced. It was fucked ’cos some nights we would’ve preferred to sleep in the car instead of a hotel but we would’ve froze to death.

How are you funding this, like getting time off work and still paying rent back at home while away?
We all have full-time jobs. Two of us are technically homeless. We live day-to-day on tour.

How much trust have you had to put in promoters in all the spots you are hitting?
It’s always a bit exciting turning up to the next town wondering if anyone is going to turn up or not.

What’s your biggest worry?
That no one will circle pit at our shows.

How come Africa got overlooked?
Conquest for Death already did it years ago and killed it. Don’t wanna try to follow that effort.

How many frequent flyer points will you get at the end?
Hopefully free flights to Melbourne when we get back so we can play with Grudge and Hailgun.

Have you estimated how many years you will take off your lives?
We all have baby faces so we ain’t worried.





Disparo! Fastcore Forever, Sleep Never Tour dates:*

May 10: Born 2 Rock, Gosford
May 11: Hamo, Newcastle
May 12: Valve Bar, Sydney
May 13: Melbourne
May 14: The Tote, Melbourne
May 15: The Basement, Canberra
May 19: Los Angeles, USA
May 20: Canoga Park, USA
May 21: Long Beach, USA
May 23: Pittsburgh, USA
May 25: Philadelphia, USA
May 26: Frederick, USA
May 28: Baltimore, USA
May 29: Annapolis, USA
May 30: Richmond, USA
May 31: Columbia SC
June 2: Georgia, USA
June 3: Ashville, NC, USA
June 4: New Orleans, USA
June 5: Little Rock, USA
June 6: Indiana, USA
June 7: Fort Wayne, USA
June 8: Joliet, USA
June 9: Chicago, USA
June 10: Dumb Fest, Springfield, USA
June 11: Milwaulkee, USA
June 12: Minnesota, USA
June 13: Minnesota, USA
June 14: Duluh, USA
June 16: Boston, USA
June 17: Binghamton, USA
June 18: Brooklyn, USA
June 23: Florence, Italy
June 24: Italy
June 25: Austria
June 26: Czech Republic
June 27: Prague, Czech Republic
June 28: Leipzig, Germany
June 29: Berlin, Germany
June 30: Berlin, Germany
July 1: Greifswald, Germany
July 2: The Netherlands
July 8: Leeds, UK
July 9: Camden, UK
July 10: Kent, UK
July 15: Bangkok, Thailand
July 16: Thailand
July 17: Penang, Thailand
July 18: Mentakab, Malaysia
July 19: Malacca, Malaysia
July 20: Jambi, Indonesia
July 21: Jakarta, Indonesia
July 22: Jakarta, Indonesia
July 23: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 24: Singapore
July 27: Kyoto, Japan
July 28: Osaka, Japan
July 29: Okayama, Japan
July 30: Okazaki, Japan
July 31: Tokyo, Japan

* Dates may yet be added or omitted.

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