Brisbane’s Total Attack 6 all set for a hectic weekend

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


After a couple of last-minute line-up changes and a venue switch to the Beetle Bar, the annual Total Attack Fest is all set to go off in Brisbane this weekend.

Again raising funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who received in excess of $6k from TA organisers last year, there are four jam-packed shows at the Beetle Bar from Thursday to Sunday.

In between phone calls, emails and panic attacks, co-organiser ‘Sick’ Rick Girvan told UB everything is shaping up nicely for this weekend’s rager…



Some bands pulled out and some other bands jumped on the bill. What’s changed?
Unfortunately three bands had to pull out, which is not so bad because usually a month or so out everyone’s telling you they can’t do one thing anymore or didn’t book flights and can’t afford it. Halt Ever, Urge To Kill and Liquid Diet all had to bail, for quite honourable reasons so no bad blood. Derailment (members of Contaminated, Internal Rot, etc) and Unpeople have stepped up to the plate…maybe we’ll get another band but I can’t be buggered at this point?

How are tickets selling?
Really well. I would say a million times better than it ever has before but that’s also probably because in the past we’ve always gone way oversize with the venues or not had to put a capacity. This year, with a tighter venue at the Beetle Bar, things are different. Both Friday and Saturday are surefire sell-outs by the looks of things.

Can we rock up and expect to get a ticket?
Yes. Even if we sell the advance tickets (and at the time of writing this Friday is down to 40 and Saturday down to 20) there will be 30 odd tickets left on the door for people who missed out. If you want to secure yourself being able to attend – get a ticket or turn up early for the individual days!



All four Total Attack shows are at the Beetle Bar, 350 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane this weekend, May 5-8. Get advance tickets at Playing times are as follows:

Thursday, May 5 [Lubricant pre-TA gig]:
8:15pm: Sex Drive
9:00pm: Ripped Off
9:45pm: Shackles
10:30pm: Sewercide
11:15pm: Lubricant

Friday, May 6:
6:00pm: Hurricane Death (indoor)
6:30pm: Stations of the Cross (outdoor)
7:00pm: Obat Batuk (indoor)
7:30pm Grotto (outdoor)
8:00pm: Contaminated (indoor)
8:30pm: Kollaps (outdoor)
9:00pm: Rogernomix (indoor)
9:30pm: Hope Drone (outdoor)
10:00pm No Class (indoor)
10:30pm: Internal Rot (indoor)
11:30pm: Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys (indoor)
1:00am: CUM (after-party)
1:45am: Lakes (after-party)

Saturday, May 7:
2:00pm: Asbestos (indoor)
2:30pm: Priors (outdoor)
3:30pm: Sistema En Decadencia (outdoor)
4:00pm Territory (indoor)
4:30pm: Derailment (outdoor)
5:00pm: Faceless Burial (indoor)
5:30pm: Clogged (outdoor)
6:00pm Plan Of Attack (indoor)
6:30pm: Self Half (outdoor)
7:00pm: The Wizar’d (indoor)
7:30pm: Stanley Knife (outdoor)
8:00pm: Ironhawk (indoor)
8:30pm: Pinchgut (outdoor)
9:00pm: Lubricant (indoor)
9:30pm Occults (outdoor)
10:00pm: Sick People (indoor)
10:45pm: Tol (indoor)
11:30pm: Kitchen’s Floor (indoor)
1:00am: Geld (after-party)
1:45am: Ironhawk Does Motorhead (after-party)

Sunday, May 8:
1:30pm: Carnal Urge (indoor)
2:00pm: Unpeople (outdoor)
2:30pm: Altered Visions (indoor)
3:00pm: Lakes (outdoor)
3:30pm: CUM (indoor)
4:00pm: Rogernomix (outdoor)
4:30pm: Idylls (indoor)
5:00pm: Heavy Breather (outdoor)
5:30pm: Sewercide (indoor)
6:00pm: Tactical Attack (outdoor)
6:30pm Lubricant (indoor)

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