Sydney party thrashers Disintegrator on toxic waste, apocalypse beugs and why their Extreme Mutations LP is 1800-RIPPING

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Disintegrator just want to thrash in peace. Give this Sydney four-piece – Rad Thrashlee (vocals), Jayradikal (guitar), Mission Grindmaster (bass) and Aled Drumlord (drums) – some intoxicants, some amplification and a space to thrash, and they’re as happy as pigs on spits.

Disintegrator’s debut LP, Extreme Mutations, is a modern Aussie crossover thrash masterwork. There’s 16 tracks and they’re all short – around one minute each – and fast and thrashy. And with titles like “Thrash at the Beach”, “Night of the Living Shred” and “Wild Gecko”, you just know they’re gonna be less concerned about nuclear war as they are about the after-party.

UB enjoyed some crossover communication with Jayrad and Mishu Grindmaster ahead of the Sydney LP launch this Friday night at Valve…




What’s 5 things that inspire Disintegrator?
1. Playing fast and playing fun.
2. A few hot & cold ones.
3. ’80s/’90s nostalgia – all the cool shit we grew up with (toys, movies, cartoons, etc).
4. Just being an Aussie crossover band. We’re a rare breed here so we just wanna keep pushing our shit to everyone.
5. Speed metal punxx.

Where are the members of Disintegrator from and when did you get together to do the crossover?
Jay: We have found ourselves making our noise and playing most gigs in Sydney’s inner-waste. We’re all different ages and have differing backgrounds, geographically and musically. Rad has more punk/thrash roots, Aled loves his death/black metal, MG is all about the grind, and me, I’m all for the riffs. Haha. Rad and I met years ago with the intention to get a band started. I ended up bailing and Rad kept at it. Through various line-ups and attempts I came back into the picture after Rad hooked up with MG on bass and the three of us have been the staple line-up since, with a couple drummer changes over time. We’ve now got Aled on the drum throne and it’s 1800-RIPPING. We knew what we wanted to play and each of us bring our own flavour to the band.

Tell us about the radical de-bewt LP, Extreme Mutations. Don’t forget to mention the sick art and the splatter presses.
MG: We were aiming to do an LP for some time but kept booking shows so failed to get anything together for the first few months of trying to write the LP. Ended up havin’ to commit to not playing shows and just focus on the LP, and it still took us six months longer than we had planned. Jay and I are the main songwriters, however, Aldoggz has contributed a lot to song structures as well as sick riffs for this album. Rad is the main lyric writer but we all chuck a line or ideas here and there. We recorded the album at Adversary Studios in St. Peters, Sydney (mad props to Azgard for working with us on this!). Mastering was done by mad man Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust fame. Did an amazing job and we’re very much chuffed he made the album sound as wild as it came out. Art concept was worked on by Rad and wild man Nerd Gore. He’s NSW based and does wicked shit, as you can see! We just threw ideas at him and he made it happen. Some final art stuff was done by our good friend from Malaysia, Uze. Big up bro. Rad, if you haven’t noticed, is a bit of freak for collectables and we like visual stuff a lot so we got Pirate’s Press to press the records on some sick-as colours… there’s a Hulk Hogan red/yellow splatter, a beer coloured one and a clear/green slime one as well as your std black. We’re fuckin’ super chuffed with all the people we’ve worked with for this LP and owe them beers and shit.
Jay: Yep, as above, and the whole thing was put out on Rad’s new label, Slime Pit Music. Big thanks to everyone involved in making it what it is.

Unbelievably Bad zine said you are “less concerned about nuclear war as they are about the after-party”. What kinds of things do really concern Disintegrator?
Jay: Pretty much spot on. Where’s the nearest pub, whose got the beugs, etc. For me, ’Grator is my outlet for not being concerned about a fuckin’ thing, man. The dramas of the world get drowned out by distortion. It’s bloody great.
MG: Ah, mate, fuckin’ nuclear warfare will eventually fuck shit up. Not sayin’ you should be apolitical; stay informed otherwise when the bomb drops you won’t be so shocked. Rage and party on ’til then!

Disintegrator_Extreme Mutations_Artofnerdgore.jpg

Is it too late for thrash and punk to save humanity with heavy social conscience lyrics?
Jay: Mate, if everyone crushed a few tins and jumped in a pit every once and a while the world would be much better place. The only message we wanna convey is to have a mad time and enjoy yaself. Songs about fuckin’ work off, indulging yourself in rad music and being mutated. As Spazztic Blurr put it: “If you’re serious, you lose”.
MG: Yeh, music like crossover, or most genres of music for that matter, doesn’t have that power because the meaning is diluted as fuck. You can’t fuckin’ change the world with social conscious shit recycled in the same way bands have been doing for the last however long. And as a subculture it only impacts on a small part of the population – people who don’t fit in the mainstream anyway. DIY punk is a good example in itself of how to keep people sorta happy. If I couldn’t do this shit I’d be fuckin’ fighting pigs a lot harder. Southeast Asia is a good example, where shows get shut down, pigs ask for bribes to let ’em put on shows. Punks there are fuckin’ pissed off I can tell ya.

What’s planned for the Extreme Mutations launch? And what’s planned beyond that?
MG: Launch will be this Friday at the Valve Bar in Sydney with the hardest workin’ fastcore band in the country Disparo!, premium hardcore band Staunch, and local young guns Pizza Gut playin’ their cheese drenched crossover. We should probably have a cheese off! Haha.
Jay: We are aiming to do a national tour, an oversees tour early next year, and more recording. We have a four-way split with good mates Atomic Death Squad from Melbourne and a couple overseas fellas. Each band will do a sick cover of a band we all like. You’ll have to hold out on that slice of info!

How cool are sunglasses?
MG: Sunglasses are fuckin’ dope as hell, we all have a nice collection, but you’ll have to come to our gigs to see these sick spectacles.
Jay: Not as cool as wild boardshorts.






Disintegrator launch their debut LP, Extreme Mutations, this Friday, May 6, at Valve Bar, Agincourt Hotel, Broadway, Sydney.

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