Happy Mother’s Day from X

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


In 1984, Sydney punk band X had reformed as a three-piece comprised of original members Steve Lucas (guitar/vocals), Ian Rilen (bass/vocals) and Steve Cafiero (drums).

The band had split in 1980 not long after the release of their classic debut LP, X-Aspirations, and while this reformed formation wouldn’t last long, it did produce an oddly powerful rendition of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’s “Mother” (on a single b/w “Half Way ‘Round The World”).

The single was released in November 1984, the sole release on their X Musique label. Around the same time Cafiero refused to go on tour to Melbourne due to family and work commitments, prompting Lucas and Rilen to recruit Cathy Green from Canberra post-punk oddballs ****.**** (Cough.Cough) as a fill-in.

Green would stick around and become a permanent member while Cafiero raised his family and built a career in real estate until his tragic passing in December 1988 after being injected with a dye for an X-ray on his crook back.

This one goes out to all you muthas.

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