Not streaming: Collective Fictions LP by DEAD and Mark D

By Unbelievably Bad Staff


DEAD and Mark Deutrom have made an LP and it is streaming absolutely nowhere. To hear the record one must follow the all but extinct ancient ritual of purchasing the LP and putting it on a turntable!

Titled Collective Fictions, it’s the first in a four-part series from Victoria two-piece destroyers DEAD called ‘The Trilogy’, which will be released as a limited edition boxset by Rock Is Hell.

DEAD’s side of the split features the band in power trio mode for the first time with Melbourne madman BJ Morriszonkle on keys/weirdness.

Mark D handles all writing, instrumentation, recording and production duties on his side of the LP.

Limited to 200 numbered copies, the 180-gram vinyl comes in hand-assembled silk-screened covers. It’s out official like in June but can be pre-ordered from the We Empty Rooms site.

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