Women in Parliament in focus in Terry’s new video

By Unbelievably Bad Staff

Terry-8 Girls.jpg

Melbourne band Terry – Xanthe Waite (guitar/vocals), Amy Hill (bass/vocals), Al Montfort (guitar/vocals) and Zephyr Pavey (drums/vocals) – feature the glamour girls of Aussie politics in their new video for “8 Girls”, the A-side of their second 7”.

The video description states:
“Women in the public sphere are expected to take on the characteristics of national identity more so than men. They are almost required to prove themselves as Australian women whereas Australian men, unless they are gay, are born intrinsically Australian. This is because national identity in Australia is primarily male.

“Same shit goes for female politicians. Except it’s a slightly different beast. Not only are female Australian politicians expected to represent characteristics of national identity they usually also show a greater level of Australian masculinity. There is great agency in this though and one of the main reasons could be is because it’s a fast track to be taken seriously in such a, traditionally, male sphere. Even though the sphere of federal politics needs a good dose of femininity in order to bring about some brain cells, many of the females in power seem to give up common sense.

“Australian female politicians must balance on a tightrope between playing the political game (masculine) and fulfilling as many female archetypes as possible (national identity). Julie Bishop is the professional very much focused on her career. She is the neo-liberal dreamboat, the only woman in cabinet under Abbott, she made her choice to be a go getter. What? A woman raising children and making it to cabinet? You’ve got to be off your tits.”



The 8 Girls 7” is out now on Aarght Records.

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