No guitar and too much Metal Gear Solid makes Sydney PV duo Frame 313 go something something


Pic: Oli Hastings

Frame 313 has set a new benchmark for what an ugly two-piece can achieve with their torrid new 7”, Streets of Gold.

Luke Pooley (bass / vocals) and Jerry Kahale (drums / vocals) are a couple of brutes from the suburbs of northwest Sydney deeply affected by misanthropy, absurdism and too much Metal Gear Solid. The noise that comes out of it is ugly and scary and weird and we like it quite a lot.

UB recently jibber-jabbered with Jerry…




Is it pronounced “Frame three one three” or “Frame three hundred and thirty three”?
The rule of thumb is pretty much however you pronounce Blink 182, so the correct way should be Blink-eighteen-two. Ergo, it’s Frame-thirty-one-three.

What other bands have youse been in and what other bands are you in?
Luke and I have started a lot of bands together but poor Luke isn’t in a band that I’m not in so please enquire within and help the boy make his oi punk band dream come true. We are both currently in Anime Girls, Skin Prison and Giygas (F313 doing dumb noise with keyboards). I have the opposite problem and am currently in way too many bands. Some were failures, like Kangaroo Kebab and Cittagazze, and others are nice fresh bands like Gross Notion and Morte Lenta.

How does only two cunts make such massive noise? Do you hate each other?
Nah, it’s like small-dog syndrome. It’s the little pups/bands that bark the loudest and are always the most obnoxious.

How do you describe to other people what kinda music Frame 313 plays?
I guess for lack of a better word we call ourselves powerviolence but that word tends to get dumped onto any band that just has blast beats in it alongside ho-hum hardcore. There’s a strain of PV that is more weird, off-kilter and not always fast. That’s the essence of the genre that often gets ignored and we strive to embrace. That usually goes over people’s heads though, so the short answer is either Man Is The Bastard or Godflesh. The even shorter answer is “oh you know punk…metal…angry music…yeah kinda like Sex Pistols”.

Streets of Gold: why so serious?
This will sound wanky as fuck but Streets of Gold is pretty much F313 starting again. When we started we weren’t playing many shows so we were mostly doing split releases with relatively unknown lo-fi grind bands overseas. While that was fun, we eventually got sick of being one dimensional and recording our stuff on calculators and we wanted to push our songwriting and hone our skills instead of being basic fast/slow/fast. Some of those songs on the 7” were written about two years ago and some others were done not too long ago after we finished the WRØNG split. The entire B side was mostly improvised during the recording. We recorded at Birdrib in Sydenham. Great if you want a cavernous sound. We got some extra help from Eva of Nervous Habit fame laying down some mad vocals and Max Marquis, who mainly drums in bands like Michael Crafter, Home Burial, Jxckxlz, etc., but he made his debut here from out of the kit and onto some sweet noise as ‘Hate Crystal’. There is an unreleased noise jam we did with him during that session. Probably be out on tape sometime. We did some extra vocals for the noise tracks at my house in Oatlands. We apparently made a toddler cry while Luke was doing his Philip Best impersonation and incurred the wrath of a shitty neighbour. At least this time the cops weren’t called on us. The legendary Mishu [Bari] released the 7” through his label Consume Records. Definitely couldn’t have done it without him so he is a certified mad snake. The record is available online at our bandcamp and at all fine record stores in Sydney, Polyester and Missing Link in Melbourne, and finally Tyms Guitars and NGM Records in Brizzy. You can also download it for free, we don’t mind.

Which member of Frame 313 is best equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse?
Probably neither. Chances are we will probably just sit in our room and go through our pile of books, records and videogames until we die. Good way to go, I reckon.

What’s on next?
The future for us is pretty simple. We’re doing one final split for the formidable future with Home Burial and then we are going to buckle down and get started on our first LP.





Frame 313 Streets of Gold 7” is out now on Consume Records.

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