Miss Destiny fulfilled, almost. Tour fundraiser Thursday, LP out shortly

By Danger Coolidge & Damo Sawyers 
Unbelievably Bad Cvnts

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Melbourne’s Miss Destiny have copped all the comparisons to all the girl rock bands but really they just “wanna be like Kiss or Danzig or whatever”.

Miss Destiny – Harriet H. (guitar/vocals), Harriet S. (guitar/vocals), Annie (bass/vocals) and Kirk (drums) – will release their debut LP via RIP Society really shortly. This is the LP that Nathan from Power told UB “sounds fucking deadly and will be the record of the year for Australian rock ’n’ roll.”

But first Miss Destiny have more important matters to attend to, like raising some funds for an upcoming American rock ’n’ roll adventure. To this end they are playing a show this Thursday at The Curtain in Melbourne with various mates and hopefully a lot of goodwill in the air.

Guitarist/vocalist Harriet Hudson gave UB the rundown…



What’s been happening in 2016, how are plans for the album release going?
2016 has been OK for us, more boring band admin and organising than actual playing but it’s all lead-up to our album coming out and us playing a bunch of wicked shows, which should be fun as.

Tell us all about the forthcoming record. Thought it might be out by now but still holding our breath!
Well it’s a 10-song hard rock LP coming out in the next month on RIP Society. Emily Jans from Straightjacket Nation drums on the album so it’s an all-female line-up. It was recorded by Adam [Ritchie] from Grotto, mixed by Jack Farley and mastered by Owen [Penglis] from Straight Arrows. I like that RIP is putting it out ’coz Nic [Warnock] who runs the label kinda got me into heavy music in the first place, which is cute.

So has Emily joined the band? What is your drummer sitch?
Our first drummer, Brett, is my best mate and thought of the band name and started the band with me and Harriet Stewart and he drummed on the first 7”. He doesn’t play with us anymore but has continued to do some band artwork, etc. Brett did the artwork for the LP which is about to come out, did our logo, band shirts, etc. Emily was going to join the band permanently until she found out she was pregnant with her little son Vinnie, which meant she had to leave after recording the LP. Our current drummer Kirk has now been in the band for ages and he’s a doll. Annie is also the third bassplayer so there were def a few changes before we solidified the current line-up.

Who’s doing the US tour planning and what’s the (vague?) route?
It’s me booking it alongside the people I know there, and also some strangers who have been awesome enough to hook us up when I have reached out. We’re doing a bunch of the East Coast, West Coast and also Austin shows. Most excited to play with Spacin’, Lecherous Gaze and Long Knife, I think.

Miss Destiny_Funraze_Flyer

There’s a fundraiser on Thursday at The Curtain – whys it on and who else’s on it?
I guess we are in need of some money to expand our tour and make it more sick where possible. The line-up for the fundraiser is real good – The Skids are a new rock band with sick chicks in it and a kind of Dead Boys influence as far as the vocals go. Geld are a killer also new-ish punk band with members of Power, Kromosom, Gentlemen, etc. Whipper are sick as fuck and just released an amazing 7” that sounds like the Saints or something. And I guess we, Miss Dest, are just a loose hard rock band, who people have compared to L7 and also Bad Religion, which is pretty funny considering we just wanna be like Kiss or Danzig or whatever. There’s another killer band playing, too, but I’m gonna announce that tomorrow morning – wink emoticon – stay tuned!!!! Other reasons to come are that we finally made some black band T shirts (which people have been hassling us to do forever ’coz they look shit in white or something), there will also be a limited run of badges and the members of Miss Dest will also be DJing after the show. I dunno, just come! As if there’s anything else cewl on that night…wink emoticon.

What’s the thing that excites you most about the prospect of a US tour?
Basically just playing lots of shows and partying every night.




Miss Destiny play their US tour fundraiser spectacular this Thursday, May 12 at The Curtain, 29 Lygon St, Melbourne, with Whipper, Geld, The Skids + Special Guests.

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