The Making of Violent Soho’s “Bombs Over Broadway” video in 2006

Words & Photos by Dianne West
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

A classic moment from the Unbelievably Bad archives, the making of Violent Soho’s “Bombs Over Broadway” video in 2006, as covered in UB #3.


James, Luke B, Luke H and Michael are the guys in high school who spent every lunch break arguing about who had the best VHS tape of Rage. Apparently Michael (drummer) has one that goes from Peter Andre to “Teen Spirit”.

They made up a gang that had initiation processes such as eating grass, digging up sprinklers and getting beat-up in a dark room. James, Luke B, Luke H and Michael never had to do these things ‘cos they started the gang. And though many tried, nobody ever qualified to join.

Smashing Pumpkins broke up. Beverly Hills 90210 was axed. Things were getting boring. Then one day they combined their gang with their obsession with Rage, and Violent Soho was born.

They may be out of high school now, but half of them still live with their parents. They still proudly reside in the bogan Queensland postcode of 4122. They still have the same girlfriends and will eagerly show you videophone footage of each other half naked. They’re still obsessed with grunge, cardigans and Rage.

VS_BOB_Party_2006_Unbelievably_Bad_luke_boerdam_cu.jpgNow, with the recent release of their debut EP, Pigs and TV, the time has finally come for Violent Soho to make their very own film clip. And what could sum the band up more than a house-party film clip??

Violent Soho guitarist James Tidswell has move out of home. He put his hand up to host the party on the condition that it was more like a film clip shoot of a party, than a party-party.

Then an excited fan posted the party address along with “free pizza and beer!!” on the band’s MySpace page. The Violent Soho guys are too busy eating microwave dinners and digging BMX jumps in their backyard to even own a computer, so before they knew it, PARTY!! – texts were flying around Brisbane faster than racist remarks in Bondi.


When they heard the party announced on Four Triple Zed FM they “secretly” postponed it for a week, hoping that would fool everyone. I don’t think it fooled anyone ‘cos at 8pm on Friday, March 24, James’s garage was already overflowing with kids. The lights were set. The amps were hot. The director was failing to get anyone’s attention as she read out a list of activities people could volunteer to do in the clip – including making out on the bonnet of a car, passing out, swinging on the clothesline, flashing boobs, skidding down the Slip N Slide in underpants and landing in a kiddy pool, doing beer bongs, weed bongs, lighting stuff on fire, pissing on a fence… In the end it didn’t matter that no one was paying attention ‘cos everyone just started partying out of control and all these things happened anyway. The crew just ran around filming it all.

James’s place got trashed. I took a few photos. The band played, and yes, I’m the girl vomiting on herself in the crowd.












This article originally appeared in Unbelievably Bad issue #3, which can be viewed or download free via


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