Satan walks among you in Mike Foxall’s fantastic low-brow exhibition

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Unbelievably Bad #16 cover artist Mike ‘The Art Of Fox’ Foxall wants you enter his fantasy.

Start Living in a Fantasy World is the name of Foxall’s upcoming art show. The blurb he sent us says attendees “will be challenged to imagine a mystical place where Satan walks among us, Vikings do your tax and shock jocks have been replaced by guitar riffs”.

Where do we sign up for this fantasy world, you ask? Why, at the Alpha Gallery, Sydney on May 27-28, that’s where.

Foxall, who is also known for his rock prowess with the bands Nancy Vandal and The Neptune Power Federation, spoke with UB about his fantastic art…



What are your five biggest inspirations as an artist?
Things or people? I’ll do both.
Rock music, the occult, genre films, dreams, pop culture.
Ralph Steadman, KISS, Jonathan Wayshak, Monty Python, Eric Powell.

What will normally trigger a creative burst?
Usually it’s something to do with a song or a film I have just taken in. Sometimes it’s a random idea of combining weird disparate elements to convey a concept that collapses with the slightest analysis, such as Satan playing Uno as a metaphor for negative gearing.


How detailed are the processes you employ? How long would an average work take to complete?
I like the stuff I do to maintain a bit of messy spontaneity so I don’t tend to overwork stuff. It’s a bit like how I approach recording music – I think about it how to I want it to look/sound a lot beforehand but the actual doing needs to have an urgent/ragged quality or I don’t like the end result.

What is implied by the title Start Living In A Fantasy World?
It’s simply the counter advice to “Stop Living In A Fantasy World”, which I have been given throughout my life and ignored over and over again.

Can people who attend your exhibition expect more than the usual standing about and looking at things on walls?
I have numerous friends who are themselves a form of conceptual art. So that is a highly interactive, very modern component of the night. I will also have a stack of animation playing so it will be like art on walls, but moving, maaan!! I shall also be providing hilarious anecdotes and observational humour which will increase in volume and intensity at the Union Hotel directly afterwards.




Start Living in a Fantasy World opens at the Alpha Gallery, Erskineville, Sydney, on Friday May 27 at 6pm and will also be open Saturday.

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