Seedy Jeezus include LSD blotter paper with LP reissue, BYO LSD

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Melbourne moon trippers Seedy Jeezus have reissued their self-titled debut LP of just the other year with new art in a special deluxe edition that includes a sheet of perforated acid blotter paper minus the acid.

UB asked the obvious question of Seedy Jeezus bassist Paul Crick: “Where’s the acid?”




Firstly, tell us about how come you did the LP reissue?
We reissued the album because the first 500 we pressed sold out. The ones we did for Europe on the Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings sold out in about three weeks. After our really successful tour of Germany, Holland and Belgium in 2015 we always had trouble keeping up supplies in those countries so when we played at the Freak Valley Festival we spoke to the guys at Kozmik Artifactz in Berlin and they were interested in reissuing it in Europe. Lex [Waterreus, guitar/vocals] did a new version of the cover with new colours. We also did some new vinyl colours, too. It was reissued at the beginning of 2016 – Kozmik got 200, with 100 being a very awesome red/orange splatter deluxe edition that sold out in a week, and we took 300, with 100 being a deluxe edition with an obi and acid tab sheet printed to fit in with the new artwork.

There is acid paper in there?
Yeah, in the deluxe reissue version, which is the red ‘Anemia’ one, the vinyl looks like a blood sample and there is a 7.5-inch square of blotter paper for acid. It also has an embossed obi which wraps around the front cover. They are hand-numbered as well. There are only 100 of them.


Where did you get your blotter paper done and was that difficult to do?
We got the acid tabs printed by a guy in LA. They are digestible paper with vegetable-based dyes so they are all good for your bot-bot. If you google ‘acid blotter art’ you will find lots of people happy to print your own custom blotter paper. Heritage blotter paper and reprints have become a very popular and collectable form of artwork. A few other bands have done it but I think it’s just something a bit different and if you need them to be a vehicle for your fun then go for it!

Is there acid in it?
No, it’s BYO acid, unfortunately.

Does Seedy Jeezus advocate the use of psychedelics?
I guess you can do what you want and there is a clean acid blotter so break loose. I would love some photos of people taking acid using Seedy Jeezus tabs. If people want to take acid and listen to the album I’d take that as a compliment, too.

Know where to get any acid?





The Seedy Jeezus LP reissue is now available at in the shop.

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