First listen: Hostile Objects – Negative Space LP

Unbelievably Bad Exclusive

Hostile Objects_by_Jayrad.jpg

Pic by Jayrad

Hostile Objects from Sydney are set to release their debut album Negative Space on June 6.

Recorded by Jonboyrock, it’s a 13-track burst of bleak and browned-off hardcorepunkrocknroll, as you can hear from Unbelievably Bad’s exclusive preview right here:

Released through Arrest Records Australia on June 6, the vinyl will come in pressings of silver and black and there are a number of pre-order only packages available now until May 15.

Unbelievably Bad had words with Hostiles’ drummer Grant Lawrence.




Negative Space sounds like quite a vibe. What were the chief inspirations?
The title Negative Space was chosen by Jimmy (our guitarist and graphic designer art nerd) about three quarters of the way through recording…very appropriate title as there was a heap of crazy shit going on for us all outside of the band during the whole recording process…too many deaths of close family members and a few mates, also. Throw the usual day-to-day shit that can piss someone off easily in the mix also, whether it be our fault or simply getting pushed by being dealt yet another lousy hand, it all adds up and affects in some kinda way…Lots of unreal times were happening throughout, also, which helped keep things in balance in some kinda fucked up way.

What are the tracks on the LP that resonate deepest with you personally?
Like ’em all so hard to pick a fave…I dig the intro Jonboyrock did at the start of “Failed Romantics”. It was actually one of the ones learnt in the studio and the last song we’d written to record. Really looking forward to finally giving ones we haven’t played live yet a run, like “Wrong” and “Negative Space”.


How’s it being rolled out?
Being released by the kind folk at Arrest Records Australia. A full-length 12″ pressing on limited silver and standard black vinyl or as a digital LP. Pre orders come with instant download and the nine pre order bonus demo / live / comp tracks…what a bargain! Can pre order now at: or grab from us at shows. It will be in select stores across Australia, too.

And what have you got planned for launching the bastard?
Hitting up newish Sydney venue The Hideaway Bar in Enmore on June 11. Got a few mates’ bands playing also, so gonna be a ripping boozy night I reckon. It’s FREE entry, too. After that we have a bunch of other local shows (including a harbour cruise that all Sydneysiders should come and get loose on) before heading to Brisbane in late July and Melbourne start of August…those dates will be announced shortly.




Negative Space via Arrest Records on June 6.


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