Leather Towel whip out IV and VI at once


The long-awaited, heavily traded debut album by Melbourne jerkspasms Leather Towel is finally out.

The band – Jake Robertson (guitar/vocals), John Douglas (guitar), Tom Hardisty (bass chorus) and Per Bystrom (drums) – recorded the LP, titled Leather Towel IV, in 2013, but it was delayed for various reasons, most of them legit.

Aarght Records is handling the release and will have them for sale when Leather Towel makes a few rare appearances with Lumpy and the Dumpers on the second half of their Australian tour.

Just to confuse matters, the follow up to the LP, a four-song 7”, Leather Towel VI, is also out just now via Anti Fade.

UB set the records straight with Jake…




Good news about the LP coming out – what took so long between making it and get it out into real life?
It was 100% our A&R rep’s fault. We as a band take no responsibility for missing any deadlines. The record that was leaked online is actually nothing similar to the LP, it was all a trick.

How do you describe the music of Leather Towel to dumb cunts?
Failed Hardcore.


Give us the whos, whats, wheres, hows and whys of the LP?
Leather Towel IV was recorded at 3 Phase Studios in Brunswick in early 2013, I think. We started off trying to play disjointed hardcore in the vain of Brown Sugar and soon realised we were not capable of it and so just wrote whacky little pop songs. It took a while to deconstruct other sounds and find one of our own. We recorded it all live, including vocals, then spent a couple of weeks adding some sounds. Per punched a garage door to make a cool sound in I can’t remember what song, but it stands out whenever I listen to it.

The LP took so long there’s now a newer 7” on Anti-Fade hot on its heels. Give us the whos, whats, wheres, hows and whys of that?
Leather Towel VI as well as Leather Towel IV was recorded by Tom Wuss who plays bass while standing on crates in Leather Towel. The 7” was recorded upstairs at the Tote Hotel in Collingwood. It was originally recorded a week or so before Johnny Fitness (guitar) moved to New Zealand. Tom accidentally saved the Straight Jacket Nation LP over the original 7” recordings so we re-wrote it (because we couldn’t remember the songs) and re-recorded it last year when Johnny Fitness came to Australia to see The Oblivians.

Leather Towel doesn’t play too often. Why not much in-the-flesh action, so to speak?
Johnny Fitness moved to Wellington, Per Person, Tom Wuss and The Lover are all keeping the Melbourne Music Scene alive with various other side projects.

Leather Towel is playing around in different places with Lumpy & The Dumpers/Cal & The Calories – is that gonna wear you out?
We got shirts with photos of us to sell, so you can all wear us out.

What can people attending those shows expect to see and hear?
The journey of four castrated children growing up to be six American body builders.




Leather Towel IV LP is out soon via Aarght.

Leather Towel VI 7” is out on Anti Fade.

Leather Towel, on tour:
May 19 – The Haunt, Brisbane [w/ Lumpy and the Dumpers]
May 20 – Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney [w/ Lumpy and the Dumpers]
May 22 – Bar Open, Melbourne [w/ Cal & the Calories]
May 23 – Old Bar, Melbourne [w/ Cal & the Calories]

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