Meet Belconnen’s finest Turbonegro tribute band – Turbobelco!

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Canberra’s best Turbonegro tribute, Turbobelco from Belconnen, are bringing the darkness to Sydney this weekend.

No matter which era of Turbonegro you favour – the pre-Hank black-face years; the Motördeadböys reacharound that was Ass Cobra; the majestic Appetite For Liposuction pizza-and-glitterfest of Apocalypse Dudes; the kinky pillow-biting comeback triumph Scandi Leather; the period after that where the records were pretty much the same but not as good; or the current post-Hank post-pretty-much-everyone useless fucking Pom era – Turbobelco understands and appreciates them all. Although it’s mainly stuff from Ass Cobra and ’Dudes – win!

The five-piece – GG Von Gina (bass), Rear Admiral Abseil (guitar), Maltese Foulcoon (guitar), Matthias De Nile (drums), with the flame-haired Baron Von Kreep (vocals) – will get your penises (and vaginas) steaming and your assholes screaming help at Marrickville Bowlo this coming Saturday.

UB traded spit with GG Von Gina (bass) and Rear Admiral Abseil (guitar).



What was / is the best era of Turbonegro?
GGVG: I think Turbobelco were all attracted to one another through our mutual lust for the KISS-meets-Ramones dunny-lurking-damnation of Apocalypse Dudes, and we slapped together a short set from that album to play the Baron’s birthday party a few years ago. Of course, we had to then add some songs from our second-favourite Ass Cobra. Along the way we have chucked in a few other favourites from some later records.

Which of those eras does Turbobelco do best?
GGVG: All of it. When I hear that punk rock sound…ERECTION!

How come you only appear rarely?
RAA: We don’t play much because our busy worldwide schedule prevents us from visiting the finely shaven folk of Sydney.


What’s Sydney is in store for?
RAA: Sydney Jugend can expect a show of epic proportions that only excessive consumption can prepare you for. The Bowlo is a perfect venue as there are built-in glory holes in every stall, with a door-hole drill bit available at the bar should you need to expand one or create a new one. Plus they welcome alpha-denim recruits with open arms and legs and have emergency lipstick available.




Turbobelco play w/ Hy-test, The Neptune Power Federation and Mucho Sonar at Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney, this Saturday, May 21.

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