Drain Life: Deathgrind, goon bags and Ricky Martin covers

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Smashing The Silver Pillow EP is the latest thing from Melbourne deathgrind doofuses Drain Life.

The awesome follow-up to their also awesome 2015 tape, it features five newies laid down at Goatsound, including a Ricky Martin cover.

Drain Life is about to go on a pretty bad arse tour that starts in WA this Friday and includes a couple of sneaky ones in SA and all the usual East Coast grind spots.

UB spoke to guitarist Tim Thomson about the recording and the road-dogging to come…




What’s five things that inspire Drain Life?
Being massive losers, nerds, French heavy metal, crusty boiled eggs and alcohol.

How do you describe the Drain Life sound to dumb idiots?
We are dumb idiots playing death grind with silly lyrics ’cos serious lyrics are seriously fucking stupid and boring. We’ve never really set out to play a specific style but I guess we have melded into this deathgrind thing that plays stupid cover songs. What you hear is what you get!

Where was Smashing The Silver Pillow EP done at?
We recorded at Goatsound Studios. Smashed it out all in day on the second of April with Jason Fuller recording and mixing. The process was pretty quick, pretty much just plugged in and went for it. Wanted it to sound a bit frantic and loose, etc, so belting the majority of it out live seemed like the best approach. Jason was awesome to record with but got angry when I farted on his expensive microphone.


A ‘Silver Pillow’ is a goon bag – why did you think cask wine has gone out of style everywhere except suburban Chinese restaurants, and do you see it making a comeback?
I don’t even drink that shit, it really fucking sucks. Benjovi drinks enough of it for everyone in the band. I’m more of a brake fluid and afterbirth drinking kinda guy. As far as I know the kids love the stuff, though, so I think it’s definitely pretty popular. Part of the reason for naming the EP that was to appeal to trendy young kids. I’m sure Benjovi is unaware of its existence in Chinese restaurants ’cos he drinks it straight outta the bin.

How do you see the progression from the 2015 tape to the sound of Silver Pillow?
The new EP is more grind and powerviolency hardcore ish! I like the sound of the new EP a lot better. The last EP sounds more like death metal. Nothing’s ever really planned except that we wanted it to sound more energetic and raw and frankly heavy than the last EP. We took more time to write songs for this EP. The songs are heaps better.

How is the EP being rolled out and what are you doing to launch and promote it?
It’s all up for download on our Bandcamp but we will be releasing a limited cassette run for the tour. We’re not doing an EP launch but I guess our tour acts as a means to promote the EP and have them for sale, etc. We will be doing a 7” as well, just gonna take a wee bit longer to release ’cos we’re poor as fuck. Dunedin artist Nathan Forbes did the artwork, which is totally sick and will look great on a 7”. Drain Life ain’t paying the billls and neither is my shitty dishwashing job or Will’s pizza restaurant job or Ivan’s unemployment job or Benjovi’s gigolo job…



Smashing The Silver Pillow EP is out digitally with cassette on sale on tour.
Listen here:


Drain Life tour dates:
May 27 – Swans Basement, Freemantle, WA
May 28 – Highway Hotel, Bunbury, WA
May 29 – Sonic Furnace Fest, Jimmy’s Den, Northbridge, WA
June 3 – Flanagans, Mt Gambier, SA
June 4 – Animal House, Adelaide, SA
June 10 – The Basement, Canberra, ACT
June 11 – The Croatian Club, Newcastle, NSW
June 12 – Valve Bar, Sydney, NSW
June 16 – Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, Vic
July 15 – Gunner Arms, Launceston, Tas
July 16 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, Tas

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