Two-steppin’, doob-smashin’ muzzy bruzzies Durry invented ‘cracked core’ because they’re cracked


It’s class war. Our Government is taxing smokes right out of the hands of the common man and only the weak will survive. A packet of B&H can now cost over $30. It’s only the lower classes that are committed enough to spend their money killing themselves quicker, and everyone’s on Bond Street.
“This is some straight-up bullshit!” says Hennaz Patterson, guitarist/vocalist for Sydney cracked core trio Durry. “The Government should be thanking us lower-class louts for the years of continuous support smoking away on all them durries. It’s time to make a stand and get that tax-free tobacco we deserve!”

Durry is a band that cares. They’ve just released their debut album on CD, Cracked Core, named after the style they invented by accident just because they’re cracked. And not just a little.

UB smoked the proverbial peace pipe, hash pipe and crack pipe with Hennaz ahead of the launch sesh at the Hideaway Bar in Enmore, Sydney this Sunday (May 29).




What’s five things that inspired Cracked Core?
Smoking cones, drinking piss, eating drugs, spinckicks and breakdowns.

What other bands have the Durry dudes been in?
We all played in the same black metal band Manipulated Eternity a few years back. I can’t remember why we stopped; I think we just got too fried. Me and Bezzi (drums) started a band with the boys from Ride For Rain, we had like seven songs but no name and sounded like a Parkway Drive 2.0. Bezzi and I play in a punk band The Blind Veggies and he also plays drums in God’s Broccoli. Me and Bally (bass) are working on a shoegazy thing too so keep your ears peeled for that.

How do you describe the Durry sound to dumb idiots?
Like a distorted punch in the face. We couldn’t figure out which genre suited us best so we invented our own, Cracked Core. We also fall under sub categories such as guttergrind and muzz metal or whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

Where was Cracked Core hatched?
We recorded at Nuclear Sound Studios up in Cooranbong. A mate of ours recommended Connor (producer) to us and we got along like a house on fire sharing a mutual interest in death metal and smoking cones. This made for one kickass sounding record.

Clearly a lot of thought goes into the lyrics, with titles like “Oi”, “Bruz”, “Smoke”, “Cones”, etc. What kind of topics are closest to your hearts?
All our lyrics are about having a fun time, whether that be smoking cones, two-stepping, smashin’ doobs or getting muzzed. Anything remotely rowdy makes for good Durry lyrical content.

What’s your preferred brand of Durry?
Oooh that’s a tough one. I’m gonna say fuck it and go with JPS – they’re not a bad smoke, great for spin and they ain’t tested on animals, fucking choice! Here at Durry we prefer to scab smokes in order to save coin for sesh, but the more the prices rise the stingier people get, which makes it hard even for a bunch of notorious scabs like us.




Durry’s debut album Cracked Core is out digitally and on CD. Listen here:

Durry launch Cracked Core at the Hideaway Bar in Enmore, Sydney this Sunday, May 29 w/ Pizza Gut, Avian Terror, John Howard, Dog. Starts 3pm.


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