Ohms: ‘Everyone is stupid and the world is going to shit’

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor
Punky power pop foursome Oms have got attitude dripping from every orifice.
The Melbourne band – Efisia (vocals), Patrick (guitar/vocals), Lauren (drums), Mark (bass) – has just released a five-song 33rpm 7” Another EP, the follow-up to An EP. It’s cool, it’s catchy, and they couldn’t give a fuck.
They play this weekend in Brisbane on Friday (May 27) and Melbourne on Saturday (May 28) – so go catch you some attitude. UB already did…


What’s five things that inspired Another EP?
1. Realising that everyone is stupid and the world is going to shit. That is all.

Give us the whos, whats, wheres, hows and whys of Another?
It’s an EP, created by us, using a computer and microphones in the living room over a few afternoons. Mastered by Mikey Young. Self-released via Bandcamp as a download or pink vinyl. Also downloadable/streamable from your favourite trendy company. That’s the who, what, where and how – as for why, no idea.

Lyrically, what are your primary collective concerns?
Anti-groupthink. i.e. fuck everyone else, just do your own thing.

What time is “Shit O’Clock” roughly?
Earlier than you’d like to be awake, but late enough to not have time to eat breakfast or wash yourself.

How do you describe Ohms’ sound to dumb idiots?
“Short, fast songs with choruses and discernible hooks, made to be enjoyable on purpose by people who genuinely care about what they do. Not ironic, not retro, not post-punk, not dolewave, not jangly, no faux-veneration of bogan culture. Not your cup of tea.”



Another EP is out now. Listen here:

Ohms play The Bearded Lady, Brisbane on Friday, May 27 and The Workers Club, Fitzroy, Melbourne on Saturday, May 28.

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