Sydney punk road dogs Skinpin live to play all those in-between places

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor

skinpin beach.jpg

Australia is such a huge place, with a population clinging to the few most livable areas around the very outside but not too close to the top. As a result, our concept of “touring” is dumb.

My bruddas in NT, my sistas in Tassie, and any other relatives I have floating around over on the west side, gimme a “fuck yes”. You know this all too well – there’s only a couple of “money spots” for touring bands to hit that’ll pay off.

International bands come here and play “national tours” that consist of gigs in three spots (sometimes two!). Most local bands, who have to work jobs because of how dumb it all is, need to confine their touring to that Friday-to-Sunday period, when they can all get time off work, and when spoilt city punters most feel like going out and spending money.

Not too many bands are trying to defy this but Skinpin is one. They’re a bit of an anomaly in that they hail from Sydney and yet they have this strange belief that the Get In The Van thing can work in this country.

They play all the time, and they love to get into those in-between places. They’re the only local punk band that we know of who have a monthly flyer done up with all their dates for that month on it.

The line-up is currently a two-piece because Andrew Rickards (guitar/vocals) and Anna Goldstein (drums) still haven’t found a bassist that can match their level of commitment, which, admittedly, is highly unrealistic. Example: they’re kicking off their June dates in Newcastle on a Wednesday. Nobody wants to do that!

UB nabbed Anna just before they got in the van again…




What’s been happening in Skinpin-land since your album [So Turn It Back On] came out?
We’ve been touring! We’ve been playing lots of shows, trying to play in new places and writing new music. Our bassplayer quit in August last year – we’ll put it down to personal issues and not being able to tour as much as we wanted to.

Is the two-piece line-up set in stone or would you consider getting a bassplayer again?
We’re definitely looking for someone! There’s got to be someone out there! At the same time we’ve had a lot of positive feedback being a two-piece. And it makes life easier… We fit really well in the car and when we get offered shows it involves one phone call to see if we can do it. Actually, not even, usually we just book the show and everything else comes second.

Would it be hard for the average person to keep up with your demands?
We rehearse every week and love playing shows. Playing music every weekend with as many cool bands as possible – what could be better than that?! People have this idea we don’t have jobs, but I work full-time and Rickards basically spends all his time booking us gigs!

Skinpin will seemingly play anywhere and everywhere. Can you talk a bit about your philosophy in this regard?
We like to play all the time… ALL the time. The best way to do that is to go places you haven’t been before so people don’t get sick of you. For us, playing live is the whole point of being in a band.

What do you gain out of travelling long distances to play out-of-the-way places to what would generally be smaller crowds?
We enjoy going somewhere new. Some of the more out-of-the-way places can be the best shows, and if not they’ll be a good story. And small crowds don’t tend to stay small. The more we go back somewhere the more word gets around and more people come to the show.





Listen / get Skinpin’s So Turn It Back On:

Skinpin June dates:
Wed June 1 – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Thurs June 2 – Pier Clarence Hotel, Port Macquarie
Fri June 3 – Beetle Bar, Brisbane
Sat June 4 – Gollan Hotel, Lismore
Sun June 5 – Northern Rivers Hotel, Lismore
Fri June 10 – The Basement, Canberra
Sat June 11 – House Party, Wagga Wagga
Sun June 12 – The Smelter, Wollongong
Mon June 13 – Newtown Social Club, Sydney

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