Harmony out of hibernation for one (more) night only

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Melbourne’s Harmony have been taking a break from wrenching guts and blowing minds against their all-girl choral reef.

Last month the sextet broke the drought to tour about with mates The Drones on their Feelin Kinda Free album tour, and this Sunday they’ll play their only headlining show of the year at The Tote.

UB asks guitarist/vocalist Tom Lyngcoln when we’re ever gonna see their faces again…




Harmony was fairly quiet in the early part of 2016 – how many jams have youse had?
Alex [Lyngcoln, drums] and I have a nine-month-old daughter so things have been very quiet. These are the first shows either of us have played in 12 months. We had one full jam before The Drones tour and then we took that debacle straight on the road and worked out how to play the songs again. Adelaide copped the worst of it, as usual. It probably wasn’t until Melbourne (sixth of seven shows) that we had any idea what we were doing and by then my gear was breaking down.

If it wasn’t for The Drones asking would you have played at all this year? How were those gigs anyway?
Probably not! There are a few of us in the band that needed a holiday or some time out of the house, so that was the primary motivation. Also, The Drones used our singers [Amanda Roff, Quinn Veldhuis and Maria Kastaniotis] on their new album so they kind of painted themselves into a corner and figured that with three extra gringos they would not only be able to expand their band but sort out a support as well. Truth be told, The Drones have pretty much bankrolled every major activity we have engaged in for the past four years. Try touring with seven people and see how long your life savings lasts. Not long. They’ve been overpaying us for years and it has allowed us to do a lot more than a six-piece band and their mixer should be able to do. This tour was as fun as the last album tour we played with them. Actually, maybe a little more fun because they were as keen to be out of the house as we were. There are some grey voids that can’t be filled. I am assuming that science will reveal they are full of fun. It felt like a good time. Shows were all packed and it was a nightly schooling.

The “only headline show of the year” is this weekend? Is the idea to make the most of your newfound but unexpected match fitness?
Yeah, the singers are doing some back-ups for Don Walker this Friday and Saturday and we had Sunday free while everyone was still in town and available. It felt like the right thing to do for our mates who couldn’t make it to the sold-out Melbourne Drones show. It’ll be two weeks since we played so any accumulated match fitness is false confidence jiggling under last year’s now too-tight guernsey.


Mick Turner is a fucking legend and now he’s supporting you?! Do you feel like you’ve “made it” now?
Yeah, I was thinking about the reality of that yesterday. Mick’s legit one of my all-time favourite guitarists…ever. I reckon he’s the most recognisable Australian guitarist alongside Angus Young. That doesn’t bode well for me being able to capably operate an instrument in front of him. I hope he goes to the front bar. I’ll yell him out of the room if needs be. It doesn’t take much for me to get the claw these days.

What’s the plan for Harmony 2017?
I have a bunch of songs rotting away on my phone and I reckon towards the end of this year we will start to pull them all together and look to record them early next year. By that stage we will be ready to play again and the whole process starts all over. Back in the loop. Haven’t run out of songs yet, but have been intentionally staying away from playing so that my angle gets a little distorted and frayed around the edges. It’s nice to have a break, even if that break technically just included a national tour that no one was ready for.




Harmony headline The Tote on Sunday, June 5, supported by Mick Turner, The Spinning Rooms and Calamari Girls.

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