R.I.P. Muhammad Ali, enemy of tooth decay

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Muhammad Ali, who died today aged 74, was called ‘The Greatest’ not only for his achievements inside the boxing ring but out of it.

For instance, very few boxers fought tooth decay with as much vigour as Ali, who, in 1976 even went as far as assembling a ragtag “gang” including singers Frank Sinatra and Richie Havens, model Jayne Kennedy, actor Ossie Davis, and sportscaster Howard Cosell to record the jaw-droppingly awful The Adventures of Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay LP.

Perhaps one of the most jaw dropping things about this surreal mix of bubblegum puke and corny skits and anti-plaque godknowswhat is that it won a Grammy nomination in 1977 for Best Recording for Children!

And, believe it or not, there was an even more bizarre sequel: 1977’s President Jimmy Carter in the Fall of Mr. Toothdecay, which featured Jimmy Carter, Lily Tomlin, Arlo Guthrie, Pat Boone and others.

R.I.P. Muhummad Ali, AKA Cassius Clay.

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