Uncle Geezer on upcoming She’s All Toke tape and tour: “Life’s all toke”

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Violent tokers Uncle Geezer will launch a nine-date, three-state incursion next month. The She’s All Toke Tour 2016 will see the trio – Joe Thowe (vocals), Joe Lawrence (guitar) and Seb Alcock (drums/vocals) – getting around their current state of Victoria, streaking through NSW, and finishing with two dates in their birth state Tasmania.

They’ll have some fresh product out, the She’s All Toke cassette/CD, their first new noise in two years.

Uncle Geezer drummer Seb Alcock describes it thusly: “Good, solid hardcore powerviolence – shocking, hilarious, naked, fast, intense punk with brutal vocals.” Sounds innocent enough in print but it’ll hit ya pretty hard.




Five best Tasmanian band ever, go!
Psycroptic, Luca Brasi, Knife Hands, NowyourefuckeD and Weeper.

What’s the new tape/CD called – She’s All Toke? Duh!
Yeah, the new release will be out in July and it’s called She’s All Toke. It’s just a funny saying we came up with meaning “It’s all good” and “life is all toke”, because when you’re toking there’s nothing to worry about, so why not look at life like that all the time? Our mate Andrew Mclean down in Tassie drew the centrepiece for the artwork and we did the graphics ourselves – DIY or DIE.


The She’s All Toke Tour 2016 – is the nation ready for it? Is Geezer ready for it?
It’s all a bit stressful to be honest. We’ve never played that many times in a row so we’ll have to be watching ourselves. First shows in Melbourne with our boys Gravemind, really awesome dudes and worth a geez. Then Sydney we’ve played once before and that was awesome! And this time we’ve definitely locked in some rad venues we’ve been wanting to play for ages. We’ll always have a place in Geelong with the superdudes from GSR and we’ve only played Ballarat once before so that will be interesting but we’re still super keen. And Tassie froths it so we’re set to destroy.

Is there a good vibe in Tassie still?
It’s a very relaxing place, definitely down a gear. And only slightly colder than Melbourne. We still have a solid crew down there, which is still growing! There’s definitely a tight community; if you’re a musician in Launceston, you know every other musician in Launceston. And Hobart’s The Brisbane Hotel is still our favourite venue to play and party, they’ll definitely look after you.


Have a Geeze of the old stuff here:

She’s All Toke Tour 2016 dates:
July 7 – The Reverence, Melbourne, Vic
July 8 – The Valve Bar, Sydney, NSW
July 9 – Drone, Newcastle, NSW (AA)
July 10 – Black Wire Records, Sydney, NSW
July 11 – Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW
July 13 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Vic
July 14 – The Black Hatt, Geelong, Vic
July 15 – The Gunners Arms, Launceston, Tas
July 16 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, Tas

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