Sinkhead are a young band bucking the trend. They moved from Melbourne to Sydney!

Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Sinkhead is a band that formed in Melbourne and recently shifted to Sydney – curious move, considering every artistic type here is considering buying a one-way ticket going the other way.

Sydney is a great place if you’re a property developer, cashed-up tourist or casino owner; not so great if you’re in a rock band.

And while rents are rising and renos are happening all over Melbourne, too, its gig-going-culture game remains strong.

UB was intrigued by Sinkhead’s move from that seemingly safer haven, and also by some demos we heard, which sorta sounded like The Nation Blue showing Low Life how to skin various marsupials. We speak with guitarist / vocalist Julian Duxson…



What inspired Sinkhead into existence?
Uhh at the start I guess it was a Kitchen’s Floor gig when I was 17, this Kiwi lady called Scruf who was a founding member, and probably at some stage hearing The Stooges. With this line-up – Julian (guitar/vocals), Jaccamo (drums), Charlie (bass) – it was basically wanting to actually get something done and not be shit anymore, and that kinda clicked when Jaccamo switched to playing drums about a year ago and was really good at it.

So you moved from Melbourne to Sydney? A rare move in the current climate. Who does that? Why would ya?
It’s really cool to hate Melbourne at the moment and I’m sure some people would love it if we moved because the scene was to cliquey or we went artistically barren from over saturation or got sick of all the leather jackets, Adidas and mullets and all the shit that people say. But we really just left because we needed a life and space change, had been living in the same house for way too long, going to the same bottle-O and Vietnamese takeaway joint every fucking night and wanted to do something different really bad. Sydney seemed like the logical place to go as we all like lots of the music coming from here at the moment so we could see some good bands. I have family here and close by in Canberra. Jacc our drummer comes from here and Charlie our bassist found a course she likes here, etc…maybe some of that other shit at the start as well but I don’t know fuck. It’s really different here anyway. It feels like there is a war going on in the suburbs. Oh yeah, and fuck Mike Baird.

Where was your demo recorded and when’s it available?
I have a bunch of recording gear so I recorded / mixed / mastered it, probably about three months ago at our old house on Bayview Street in Northcote. It was an old palliative care home so it has exit signs, panic buttons and handrails around the place. It’s an old gem of a house. Too weird for yuppies to live in and unfortunately for the developers it was heritage listed so they couldn’t knock it down, either. The demo hasn’t quite made it to physical yet as the move to Sydney slowed the whole process down heaps, but most of it’s been up online for a couple months. It should be out in the next few weeks on cassette, with a new track on it.

What was the last song you wrote?
It was a song called “Workplace Wellness”. I did a kinda crappy drum machine recording of it last night. We’re gonna self-release a tape in the next couple weeks and I guess it’ll be on that.






Sinkhead play Thursday night’s No Refunds gig at The Bald Faced Stag, Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt on Thursday, June 9, with The Warm Feelings. Free entry.

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