Mansize Rooster are good eggs that don’t eat cheese before bed

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

Mansize Rooster_band_01.JPG

We looked into it and it turns out Mansize Rooster are not big cocks. They’re actually good eggs. You can have a lot of fun with them.

They’re Melbourne-based rock ’n’ roll chicken boners with a slightly different kind of set-up. There’s fresh-faced Jesus who plays the drums, weather-beaten Hateso on bass and yells, and chrome-domed Dave who does a bit of drums, a bit of synth and a bit of vocals.

UB got the scoop from the coop…



What’s the pecking order in Mansize Rooster?
So Jesus sits on the fums whilst Dave stands at his drums playing synth and yells shit at Hatesa who plays a dirty, slightly abused Rickenbacker yelling back at Dave.

What’s your pedigree?
Dave’s been playing for almost 35 years, yes, he’s old. Hatesa, well, he’s not as old as Dave. Jesus is the young legs so is a bit wobbly on his feet at the moment.

Is there a battle for alpha rooster status within the ranks?
No battles occur for alpha rooster status. Hell, it’s Hatesa’s band and we all know it. He writes all the good songs anyway (will be debated).

Does it bug you that Supergrass dogs your Google searches? Your SEO needs work.
Supergrass, well, we are still waiting on them to ask us on tour – only so we can turn them down! As for SEO, we still can’t get above them in the Mansize Rooster searches.

Is there an official release people can clasp their ears upon? Or will there be at some stage?
We have no release dates yet. We do have Soundcloud, Facebook and YouTube. We are planning to release a 7” (hopefully of “Same Old Same”) in the next few months.

Tell us about your “Eat Cheese & Dream” video clip and what Rage thought of it? Where can we see it? Or can’t we?
True fact, eating cheese before bed gives you wicked dreams, so we wrote a song about it and made a film clip. Rage knocked it back because the making of cheese may have included some questionable items and product placement (Melbourne Bitter). Apparently it was excessive – or perhaps they were more concerned about Dave in his bikini? This clip no longer exists because Jesus, who as we explained is still finding his feet, made a fatal error when reformatting his computer.

What’s on for Mansize Rooster in the short term?
Play heaps and release a 7″, to be followed by an album.




Mansize Rooster play this Saturday, June 11, at The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick, and next Saturday, June 18, at the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, North Melbourne.

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