Perth’s Self Harm do punishing powerviolence possessed by Sadistik Exekution

Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Alex Leech

The guys in Self Harm also play in some other hectic bands – People Problem, Prag, Wound Culture, Human Nothing, Territory and Warthreat – but nothing quite on this level of hectic.

Their second demo, HEKTIK KAOS, is like the most punishing powerviolence possessed by the psychotic spirit of Sadistik Exekution.

The Perth foursome – Rhys (guitar/vocals), Dom (bass), Olie (drums) and Micky (guitar) – recorded the three-track demo in March and put them on sale at Total Attack 6 in Brisbane in May, so there’s none left. But there’s more on the way, apparently.

UB pleaded with Rhys and Micky for a copy…



What inspired Self Harm?
Inspired by self harm, basically. Self Harm’s concept for me anyway, since the beginning, was an outlet for my frustration with my own substance abuse (hence the name). That’s what inspired me to start writing the songs and it was originally going to just be a solo thing but I felt playing live and with other people made more sense. And glad I got together with Olie (drums) and Dom (bass) because they made what I already had so much better than what I ever could. Micky joined after we’d played like three shows. Other than that I guess we were inspired to play hektik shit that wasn’t the poxy garage trend Perth seems to crave.

Tell us all about the second demo?
We recorded the majority of the HEKTIK KAOS demo live, hooking up a few microphones to a shitty digital 8-track we had set up in our regular rehearsal room. We ran through each song as many times as we could over two days, selected the best takes and then recorded Rhys’s vocals a week or so later in the same rehearsal room. After I mixed the tracks a bit and added a few ‘spooky’ soundscapes, the demo was shit enough for us to share. Overall the demo sounds as the title suggests – it’s a hectic, chaotic mess.

The tapes were sold at Total Attack only? Really? Is this a social statement, like when Blood Duster made that album and destroyed the masters before anyone heard it?
The HEKTIK KAOS demo was initially only recorded so that we had music available while we were in Brisbane for Total Attack. There were only 40 home-dubbed copies produced, however, the cassette is currently being repressed (professionally) and we should hopefully have copies of the prettier version in July.

How was Total Attack and getting over to the other side of the country, anyway?
Total Attack went well. The set was upstairs in a tight crevice of the venue and went skitz. Didn’t really expect to get such a hektik response but hey, it ruled.

We detect the influence of Sadistik Exekution’s ‘Fukk You’ spirit. Is Self Harm inspired by aspects of the Sad Ex music and philosophy?
Was it the use of ‘k’ instead of ‘c’ that gave us away? Haha.
Micky: Sad Ex were one of the first extreme bands I was introduced to by a friend many years ago. I don’t reckon there’s any other extreme band like them in the world! I reckon it’s easy to spot their influence on Self Harm as a band, but that’s probably because we approach music with a similar attitude – we don’t necessarily want to sound like a metal band, we just want to create ugly, chaotic noise which we enjoy playing and don’t really give a fuck if it appeals to anyone else! They are MENTAL METAL! We are HEKTIK KAOS! Sad Ex’s influence has also evidently rubbed off on our drummer Olie. Unfortunately there’s little chance for him to appear on Wife Swap Australia, however, we’re really hoping his application is successful to land him a spot on Gogglebox.

How’s the Perth metal scene?
Though there are a handful of decent metal bands in Perth, none of us really associate or have any involvement with the Perth metal scene. Up the punx!!
Rhys: Yeah, I don’t really like any of the bands in the ‘metal scene’ but a few bands outside of that from the hardcore scene like Unravel are killing it.




Sample some Self Harm, “Nocturnal Mutation”:

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