Melbourne faster blasters Christ Crusher spreading Bad Vibes to SEA

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Christ Crusher is proof that grizzled veterans make better grind quicker. Their demo, Bad Vibes, immediately achieved their aim, to be the fastest grind band among humans and make people want to smash shit up.

Ripped from the womb of the Melbourne Grind Syndicate, this band of wizened faster-blasters – Neil Cuthbertson (vocals), Pauly Jimeno (guitar), Kevin McClaer (bass), Alex ‘Dino’ Wood (drums) – have already burned through two pressings of the tape and are onto the third. They’re headed to Southeast Asia on tour this week with Counterattack. They have a full-length coming out on Blastasfuk, among other things that Pauly told UB about…






Youse chaps had been around the traps, so to speak, probably heard it all before… What was the idea for Christ Crusher? Where did the impetus come from?
I guess we’ve all liked to play fast for years and given all of our previous bands, it’s something we just wanted to keep doing albeit, under a different guise. The impetus essentially came from ‘Dino’ moving from Sydney to Melbourne. We had been discussing doing something together for a while so without the geographical obstacle hindering us, we were able to make it happen. Neil and I have been friends since the mid nineties so he was an obvious choice for a singer given his ferocious live presence. We just wanna play as fast as we can basically, ha!

Do you have a musical mission statement or some kind of collective objective, and do you talk amongst yourselves about this sort of shit
It’s all about Melbourne Grind Syndicate, mate. I’m not even joking when I say that. There are people here making claims but we all know their shit is fake. How many straight-edge kids started power-violence bands two years ago? They played six shows and now they’re in retro grunge bands or pretend death metal bands – fuck that shit! The MGS is about the old crew, taking the piss and fucking blastbeats. That’s it.

Neil was formerly of the mighty Undinism from Geelong but the lyrical themes in Christ Crusher are different – not as much abuse of the disabled. What kinds of themes do the lyrics touch on – do lyrics even matter in grindcore?
The song, “Monkey vs Retard” is about two prominent scenesters in Melbourne. “Sink Sea Shepherd” is about PC fascism and hashtag activists. “Serious Times” is about the nineties grindcore scene in Melbourne. I think themes matter a whole lot more in grindcore rather than lyrics but it’s clearly a subjective matter. Assück wouldn’t be who they were without their fiercely cynical and articulate lyrics. Ditto for bands like AxCx, ha!

Is the band something that requires a huge amount of dedication from all?
Dedication in the band is personified by Neil travelling once a week from regional Geelong to the city to jam with us and talk shit. We will step that up once we’re back from tour as we’re in the middle of writing the album.

The Bad Vibes tape was great, and was well-received. How quickly did it move? Has it been bootlegged yet?
Bad Vibes is about to go into its third pressing and comes with new cover art and a patch to coincide with the SE Asian tour. I am aware of it being bootlegged at least once in Europe but my enquiries into this have led to naught. Not like we would give a shit, we just wanted a few copies. The first press was literally sold before we had the tapes back from the plant who, I may add, made serious inquiries into the ‘questionable’ cover and inner art. Like, we’re Nazis because there’s a swastika on the cover…fuck!

There’s a touted full-length CD on Blastafuk and split 7″ with Lethal Aggression due – what’s the ETAs on those?
Psyched to be doing the full-length on Blastasfuk as Roby and I have been homies since we were in Open Wound. That will be out by the end of the year. The LA split has been canned since they recently disbanded. Hotel Broslin and Grind Planet are releasing a split with us and a band that I cannot mention at the moment. Dudes are gonna shit themselves and posers are gonna cry. That’s all I can say at this point…

Touring SEA in a couple of weeks. What places are you hitting? Any bands you looking forward to playing with over there?
The SE Asia tour has been in the works for a good two years – basically, as soon as we got the word around, we had several invites to tour there. Hisham from Grind Planet was active in promoting the band over there and we are very grateful for that because the dude is a fucking lynchpin for the scene over there. I’d implore anybody who isn’t aware of Grind Planet to do a search and buy a bunch of shit off Hisham. He is an honorary member of the Syndicate. I’m looking forward to playing with: Babylon BK and Lowfat (Thailand), Weotskam and Compulsion to Kill (Malaysia), Koteka is the Reason, Terror of Dynamite Attack, Jabet Tangen and Kanako Like Fruits (Indonesia). Sadly, for reasons out of our hands, we cannot play with our good friends Rotting Rexx and Demisor. All mint bands that do not fuck about!






Christ Crusher / Counterattack Southeast Asia tour dates:
Sat, June 18 – Thailand Fastfest, Bangkok, Thailand
Mon, June 20 – Penang, Malaysia
Tue, June 21 – Taman Melawati, KL, Malaysia
Wed, June 22 – Mentakab, Malaysia
Thu, June 23 – Cheras, KL, Malaysia
Sat, June 25 – Bandung, Indonesia
Sun, June 26 – Semarang, Indonesia
Mon, June 27 – Surakarta, Indonesia
Tue, June 28 – Kediri, Indonesia
Wed, June 29 – Malang, Indonesia
Fri, July 1 – Bali, Indonesia

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