Ausmuteants on Band of the Future LP and European blitz

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Ausmuteants are like some kind of music-making Terminators. The Geelong band’s exhaustive musical output and frequency of red-carpet appearances are practically cyborg-esque.

Kinda makes sense, then, that their latest whiz-banger is called Band of the Future. Set for release via Aarght Records in August, the LP will be preceded by a mega European tour that starts in Leeds, England on Tuesday.

Ausmuteant Jake Robertson speaks to UB prior to takeoff…



How often do you jam?
On average in Ausmuteants like once every three weeks. We always say we’ll do it weekly, but we never do. Got other stuff going on. I got a cat that needs attention and a TV that needs to be broken in.

What time of day and what states of mind do you usually come up with the best Ausmuteants songs?
With Split Personalities/Amusements, they were all written between 3am-6am when I was fuelled by a freezing winter and infinite cups of herbal teas, except for “Tinnitus”, which Billy [Gardner] wrote when I was taking a shit at about 3pm on a Thursday. For the other albums because there’s more people writing we usually just come up with stuff at practice or Shaun [Connor] writes techno versions on his Electribe before practice. I don’t really do drugs or drink much, so they’re all written in a pretty straight state of mind. I can’t speak for the songs the others wrote.

There’s another Ausmuteants record coming up? What can you tell us?
Our new album Band of the Future is on Aarght Records and was recorded at Tropical Fuck Storm Studios in Fitzroy North by Tom Meldrum from Jesus / Slowww / Dribble / Classical Mishaps. Most people think Tom is a singer and doesn’t know how to record. It’s actually the polar opposite. He can’t sing at all and is an absolute genius when it comes to recording. He understands how music works, will assimilate to your ideas of how the record should sound, but is honest enough to tell you that what you’re doing is horrible and you’re making a huge mistake by making your stupid songs public if he doesn’t like it. He gets how certain bands need certain types of production and isn’t afraid of admitting that he likes Brian Jonestown Massacre to a Guttergods fan. He can’t sing, though.


This European tour you are about to embark upon looks hectic on paper. What’s gonna be hardest thing?
Hardest thing is probably the flights to Europe. I’m 6’6” so I’m usually wearing my knees as a bib and have pins and needles in my legs for 20+ hours. But it’s not all bad. Last time Shaun and I pressed play on The Matrix at the exact same time so we could be amazed at the same time a few seats apart from each other. Marc [Dean] and Billy both watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S or some garbage. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to watch The Matrix with ya boys. Kind of ruined the last trip. Hopefully this one will have entertainment we can all enjoy. I’m hoping for some Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore action, personally.

When Ausmuteants goes overseas, which other member of the band do you least like to sit next to?
They’re all horrible. Shaun – he does nothing but wank. Marc – jizzes anywhere and is too bony to sleep next to. Billy – doesn’t know who Janet Jackson or Hanson is. Hard to talk pop cultchaaa.



Ausmuteants Euro 2016 tour dates:
Tues, June 21 – University Stylus, Leeds, UK
Wed, June 22 – Saint Luke’s. Glasgow, UK
Thu, June 23 – Rites, Manchester, UK
Fri, June 24 – O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, UK
Sun, June 26 – Le Grand Mix, Lille, France
Mon, June 27 – Building 9, Köln, Germany
Tues, June 28 – The Woods, Antwerp, Belgium
Wed, June 29 – Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany
Thu, June 30 – West Germany. Berlin, Germany
Fri, July 1 – Komet Club, Hamburg, Germany
Sat, July 2 – Porto Ferro, Alghero, Italy
Sun, July 3 – Guevarah, Quartucciu, Italy
Wed, July 6 – Le Batofar, Paris, France
Thu, July 7 – The Terraces of Thursday, Rouen, France
Fri, July 8 – Le Galion, Lorient, France
Sat, July 9 – The Coffee from the Beach, Brest, France
Mon, July 12 – TBC, Sevilla, Spain
Thu, July 14 – Dabadaba, San Sebastián, Spain
Fri, July 15 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain
Sat, July 16 – Not Now / No Way! Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Fri, July 22 – Old Mountain, Stockholm, Sweden
Sat, July 23 – Hori Smoku Summer Boogaloo Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Mon, July 25 – Holy of Holies, Toulouse, France
Thu, July 28 – Relache festival, Bordeaux, France
Fri, July 29 – The Secret Nights festival, Aulnoye -Aymeries, France
Sat, July 30 – Binic Folks Blues Festival, Binic, France
Sun, July 31 – Binic Folks Blues Festival, Binic, France

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