Sheriff get a leg up for their LP down on the Mornington Peninsula

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Melbourne long-range rock weapons Sheriff have come up with a great way to raise money to record their album – chuck a big party down at Rye, Victoria and bring in 11 other bands from Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula to back ’em.

All set to go at Rye Civic Hall from midday this Saturday, June 25, Give ’Em A Legup Ya Bastards! features Sheriff, Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk, Child, My Left Boot, Grindhouse, Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons, Zombitches, Killerbirds, Broozer, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, The Annie Crooners and The Moody Spooks.

UB gets the full rundown from Sheriff guitarist Tom Watson.



How did you get all these other bands roped into your get-rich-quick scheme?
We’re mates with all of the bands in one way or another so they’re all happy to give us a leg up! Flowing beer, delicious hot food and a really nice time at fun and unique day out were also further incentives!

What’s the targeted figure and what will you do with the funds raised?
We haven’t got a set figure but the funds we raise after covering event costs will be going towards the recording of the album, the aim being to raise enough to cover the entire recording process. We hope to record later this year and most likely release it early next year. It will be recorded at a studio in Melbourne as well as a studio in the country, possibly down Mornington Peninsula way where we are raising the money!

How many tracks do you have ready and what’s the vibe?
We’ve got about 12 new tracks written and more ideas in the bag. We’ll continue to keep writing so we’ll have a swag of songs to choose the perfect combination from. Southern Psychedelic Horror Blues Rock is the general vibe with few tracks leaning towards our other self-named genre ‘prog swing’! The debut full-length will be a smorgasbord of all things Sheriff!

 Why hold the big gig in Rye? Actually, where is Rye?
Rye is a seaside down about 80 kilometres south of Melbourne on the southern point of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Mornington Peninsula crew love their tunes with most having an avid desire for beer and rock ’n’ roll. Gigs occasionally happen on the Peninsula but rarely something of this epic nature. All bands on the bill have some kind of connection to the Peninsula. There’s a few local bands and a bunch of Melbourne bands who either have members originally from the Peninsula or who have played down that way quite a bit in the past. As well as helping to raise funds for our album, we reckon the event will also help bring together the Melbourne and Peninsula music communities. The community hall hootenanny will almost reach capacity with crew from down that way alone, although we are also encouraging Melbourne music lovers and Sheriff fans to make the trek down. Quite a few people have planned a weekend away to Rye with reports of people travelling as far as Sydney to get amongst it!


Is it true you can BYO tinnies?
My word it is true! Just no glass is all we ask. This is a first time BYO has been allowed at a show of this nature since the 1976 Rye Civic Hall Barn Dance! Why not bring an esky and use it as a seat when your feet get tired? As well as BYO tins, we will be running a bar with $5 schooners of brewery fresh tap beer all day. Our favourite brewery Thunder Road will be supplying two of their most refreshing and sessionable drops, Brunswick Bitter and Collingwood. So pack your tins or drink cheap schooners – it’s your choice! Just don’t forget to visit the water stand here and there. Mum always said have one in between.




Give ’Em A Legup Ya Bastards! is on Saturday, June 25, at Rye Civic Hall, Rye. Bands are on from midday, and there’s also fete stalls, sausage sizzle, raffles, a goodies auction, DJs. The gig is 18+. Grab tickets from

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