Melbourne’s grudge! reps Damaged and caffeine, covers Descendents

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


At first it might be hard to put your finger on the ‘grudge!core’ sound, but Frank Grudge from grudge! sums it up fairly succinctly.

“Think the love child of every noisy musical genre that was threatened by Damaged and Frenzal Rhomb on the fashion advice stolen from Extortion that was taken on a date by her uncle Bloodduster… wed in holy matrimony but then cheated with the neighbour’s friend Toe to Toe but got burned eventually by Napalm Death in a Pig Destroyer, Car Bomb love triangle… presumed dead by Mr Bungle, Fear Factory and Hitler,” he says.

Hyperbole aside, probably the best single reference point is the first name on that list – like Damaged, it’s adrenalised extremity with a pulsating hardcore punk heart and a rare blend of tech savvy and brawn.

grudge!’s debut album, No Acceptance, is out on CD and tape and digital – 12 speedy, violent, mood-swinging tunes plus a cover of The Descendents’ “Coffee Mug”, Frank Grudge tells UB it’s only the beginning. And Oh yeah, No Acceptance!



What was fuelling No Acceptance?
Primarily we are all about writing music that is intense and heavy. Following on from our 2014 EP we wanted to focus on further developing our skills resulting in a more creative sound. The inspiration and making of No Acceptance for us was in the writing process – it’s very communal, with ideas getting thrown around everywhere, endlessly demoing our ideas and nocturnal jam sessions. Our deep and meaningful love for sound production and the creation of that grudge!core sound means something more! Sometimes the smoke gets thick and the more stimulation… ooops… I mean inspiration, the better. But if you’re asking about tempo, usually coffee or Red Bull. Open expression or ‘arguments’ are rife, usually about the relevance of certain metallic compounds. Throw in life and with the usual meltdowns and the demise of a band member and boom… No Acceptance.

Lyrics on the new album- much porno?
Much porno? Is that a thing? We are not gore grind or purest by any stretch. Lyrics on No Acceptance for the most part are the ramblings of life. A person stuck between a rock and a hard place. Although there are a few tracks on there with some lighter moments such as “Drenched”, which is purely about wetting the bed. 😉 This is porno for some people isn’t it? Or are we all so desensitised by our porno and smart screens that we have lost touch with reality? (…five minutes later… back to RedTube) We try to capture all walks of our lives in this world with our writing. There is some light, but it’s hardly equal to the dark.

The cover of “Coffee Mug” by Descendents – bit of a turn up for the books!
“Coffee Mug”, apart from being 30-something seconds of awesomeness, seemed fitting, as I’m well known for being a coffee addict. We play the song at the speed of light as it was originally intended not only on the recording but live and it always goes down a treat. Rusty came up with the idea. I think for him it’s paying homage to his punk roots and the love of fast tempo. I guess, like good coffee, it was addictive.

How’s No Acceptance been rolled out?
No Acceptance has been very much a large process with the writing and production of the album, we felt it should was released in style at my own little mini fest – Grudgefest, which featured some of Melbourne’s best hardcore, punk and grind bands with a few notorious interstate friends. Following that show we have sold out of the initial run of 100 CDs, but don’t worry, a repress is and will be available again! Since then we have made contact with Noisebleed Records in Sydney and they have done a limited run of cassettes, which is sick! With the release of our new clip for the track “With No Bias”, the album will go to “pay as you feel” on our Bandcamp. So grudge! and No Acceptance is really just getting started – No Acceptance.

What’s coming up?
We have plans for another five-track single from the No Acceptance album coming soon, which will feature an electronic remix and live track/s. Also we have a good handful of live shows coming up and some regionals planned in there too with some great bands so there is lots of good times ahead. We have also started writing and working on new releases galore (even playing a few new songs live already) so there’s a lot to be excited about! Onwards… Always… No Acceptance.




Listen to and get No Acceptance:

2 responses to “Melbourne’s grudge! reps Damaged and caffeine, covers Descendents

  1. I can’t believe writers are still using Damaged as their ‘go-to’ reference for Aussie grindcore. The scene has moved so far past that. Grudge is a good band who deserves an identify of their own. Move on already.

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