Sydney hardcore punx Rapid Dye step up the disinterest

Intro by Drew Bennett
Interview by UB staff


Rapid Dye started not from interest but from disinterest in Sydney’s music scene. It is music that doesn’t need to be weighed down with emotions, art or drama. Like opening a dead animals head with a brick, the excitement of Rapid Dye comes from the experience, not the outcome.

UB speaks with singer Josh Ward.



Who’s in RD and what do these crackers bring to the captain’s table?
We got Owen and Ryan SMK (suck my kiss) from Primitive Blast on guitar and drums. I know Owen plays git in other bands but I think this is Ryan’s first drumming gig. I met Fil through pingas and we met again when this band started. I think he has played in other bands before he moved to Canada, he only just moved back this year.

Do you talk amongst yourself about the style you wanna do?
Yeah kinda. I don’t really try to aim for a sound. Owen wrote most of the songs under the Harbour Bridge, but lately we have been working together. I usually just play something fucked as I can’t play guitar and Owen and Fil work with that and make riffs that sound tenfold better than anything I can do. We are all interested in different shit and it has worked out so far.

Your live sets are short. Is that because you don’t have many songs yet or you don’t think people can handle it for too long?
We have more songs but I’m not interested in playing a 15-20 minute hardcore set. I lose interest in hardcore bands that go longer than 15 minutes. Short bursts of power gets the point across better IMO and I’m usually fucked after six songs.

Tell us about the tape – where it was done and who helped out?
The tape is manufactured by this guy in Melbourne who dubs prayer audio clips to cassette. He’s done the Sex Drive demo too. I had threatened to release some iPhone recordings cause of how much the Gruel demo tape I released pissed off certain people – it’s hardcore, stop fucking whinging. The Rapid Dye tape was recorded at Brent from Robber’s house, just a live recording. Does sound sick.




Rapid Dye will play at the Portugal Club Karate Dojo this Friday, June 24, on a bill with Red Red Krovvy, Thorax and Heartburn, at the Irish Gaelic Club for Repressed Records’ birthday on July 9 w/ Tyrannamen, Tim & The Boys and WDK and at Marrickville Bowlo on July 22 for the Piss Pain tape launch w/ Dispossessed, Oily Boys and Nervous Habit. 

Tape out soon via Sexy Romance Records.

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