Hits rejected at dolewave office, heading to France

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Brisbane rock sods Hits are coming to Sydney to play their annual show with Front End Loader. Those two bands do it every year, and every year it rocks just a little bit harder.

That’ll be on Friday night at the Factory in Marrickville, then Hits will solider on but probably not sober up for a Saturday night shakedown in Melbourne. These are some of the last gigs the band will do before jetting off to enjoy summertime in France.

UB speaks with guitarist/vocalist/spunk Tamara Bell…



What’s Hits been up to in 2016?
HITS boldly began 2016 with more members on the dole than not, in a vague attempt to revive our relevance by coat-tailing on that dolewave thing that happened/is happening/I’m already out of my depth with this topic. The nice lady at Centrelink told us we were incorrect in our application of the genre/concept and that her nephew told her that it was over now anyway.

How’s team morale?
Overall, morale for progress on the next batch of songs is quite high – last practice I noticed the Morale-O-Meter hovering at ‘vaguely hopeful’. For me personally, morale while wrangling new songs jerks erratically between the breakthroughs and associated genuine feelings of confidence and connectedness – true certainty of purpose and belief in potential greatness… all the way through to utter despondency, considerations of giving up music forever, self-disgust, ebbing faith in purpose and destiny, and hyper-awareness that between Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and everyone else THERE’S NOTHING GREAT LEFT TO WRITE ANYWAY. It’s going well, thanks.

Hits_Newtown_Social_270215_Matt_Reekie_017The annual FEL gig in Sydney is this week. How have you two bands fallen into this ritual of an annual gig together?
FEL have always been fond of their community service work – you know: taking less intellectually and socially agile groups out on field trips to broaden their life experiences. They’ve been known to let a number of such bands ride in their gear trailer on East Coast tours, and at one glorious point in time it was us in that gear trailer. FEL’s intention in doing this is simply to give the less fortunate better lives, and definitely not to grab ass at the comforting self-satisfaction of altruistic behaviours, as they have been accused of. I deny those accusations, and I won’t hear a bad word against Bow them. They are extremely busy these days, raising the next generation of heartthrob philanthropists, and so can only host us annually for excursions. It’s one of my favourite days every year – we do the cockroach dance on the floor amid their fans’ mild tolerance, and they validate all our hopes for a better future where everybody’s equal (some more than others).

There is a Hits tour of Europe or France or somewhere – what’s the story?
We are able to leave the country now due to some of the band obtaining newly ‘revised’ identities and very ‘legitimate’ documents, and because we have been kindly booked on the Binic Folk and Blues Festival , which is less folk/more psychedelic rocknroll mafia than the name suggests. We will play the three days of the festival, where highlights will hopefully include weeing on grass more than usual and talking Ron Peno into applying to be the singer of AC/DC.  We then locate Gregor’s galette- and booze-bloated body, slump it into a wheelbarrow and roll off to do a few other excellent shows. GOD BLESS THE BLOODY FRENCH.

Hits_Newtown_Social_270215_Matt_Reekie_007Which of your bandmates do you most wanna sit next to when travelling on tour?
In life I try to choose thrills over comfort, so I choose Gregor. Pros: you don’t want to miss a single cultural misunderstanding from this creature – i.e. eating logs of butter and complaining French cheese is shit (see also: eating the rolled up warm hand towels they give out on China Southern Airlines thinking it was a spring roll). Con: Sleeps quite loudly and violently, like an itchy dog having a very bad dream.


Hits Australian dates:
Jul 1 – Factory Floor, Sydney
Jul 2 – The Tote, Melbourne
Jul 8 – Beetle Bar Brisbane

Hits French dates:
Jul 29-31 – Binic Folk and Blues Festival, Binic
Aug 3 – les valseuses, Lannion
Aug 4 – Salle De La Cité, Rennes
Aug 5 – Ty Jean Bart, Sibiril
Aug 6 – Le Galion, Lorient

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