Cold Meat follow up killer tape with killer-er EP named after a dog’s dick

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Perth punks Cold Meat are on a hot streak. They have their new four-track EP Jimmy’s Lipstick coming soon and it’s more of that fine infectious eighties punk they debuted on the Sweet Treats cassette of last year.

Two new tracks – “I Hate Myself” and “Au Naturel” – have already been digitally unveiled. To hear the other two – “Praying to the Gaps” and “Example” – you’re probably gonna have to wait until the 7” drops on Helta Skelta Records in August. Don’t worry – it’ll be worth it.

UB meats and greets Kyle and Charlotte from the band…



What made Cold Meat wanna get together?
I had been wanting to start a band with Ashley for a while. I think her and Kyle had been jamming too so they asked if I wanted to play drums. I’d never played before so was a bit apprehensive about it but decided to give it a go. Then we got Tim on board, too, who had never played bass (or any other instrument) before but is a great friend. Basically we just wanted to do a band that would be fun and where we didn’t have to be too technically proficient with our instruments. Most of the songs have a feminist focus, too, which is pretty important to all of us.

What other bands have you guys been in?
We’ve all played in a bunch of bands that would probably be boring to list. At the moment Kyle plays in Helta Skelta and I play in another band called Nerve Quakes. Tim had never played in a band before this but he was a childhood star on Neighbours. Now he’s in a Bananarama cover band called Bananamama and he is an eighties pop DJ called Timothy Tittlemouse.

The single, Jimmy’s Lipstick – where was it done and was the mindset any different from the Sweet Treats tape?
It’s actually an EP. We’ve only uploaded two tracks online though. We recorded with Will Whoopa Hooper at Stable Sound. Guildford’s premier engineer/producer. Think he did most of the Tame Impala stuff come to think of it. It was 42-degree day and we had to keep shutting off the air con unit and re-tuning before we did a take! It was a sauna in there. We got Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory to mix and master.

What’s Jimmy’s Lipstick a reference to? Is Jimmy a dog – in which case it’d be talking about his dick? Or was Jimmy the guy who put the individual kisses on all your tape covers?
Jimmy is my sweet, beautiful and amazing dog. Unfortunately his lipstick is pretty much always out though and everyone teases him about it, poor guy. Jimmy’s lipstick did not actually go anywhere near the tape covers, thankfully!

With the tape and the Jimmy’s Lippy 7″, the band has been pretty active – was “live fast die” part of your plans from the off? Maybe not the “die” bit…
Yeah I guess. I like to be pretty busy. I like the Jay Reatard mentality towards music, too. Might as well track your writing process and release three or four shitty albums a year as opposed to one shitty album every other year. We actually recorded these tracks in December, just after the demo came out. But these things always fall behind once technical issues get in the way.

What are you gonna do when the 7″ is out? Will you get around and play more other places than Western Australia?
I think we’ll record again. We’re already working on some new material. I think we’re also looking to head over to New Zealand early next year. Seems like there’s a pretty solid punk scene going on there at the moment and seems a shame there isn’t more correspondence between the two countries. And we might play some shows on the east coast, too.




Jimmy’s Lipstick 7” is out in August on Helta Skelta Records.

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