Blackie: Song A Day half-yearly report

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


It’s halfway through 2016, and while you’re lodging your tax return and stressing about whether your team will make the semis, Peter ‘Blackie’ Black is still powering ahead with his Song A Day project.

He’s 183 songs down with 183 to go. AND he’ll probably still lodge a tax return.

UB catches up with the prolific but meticulous musician in the eye of the hurricane…



How’s your state of mind after 183 songs (halfway there!)?
Good! I’m having a blast!

You demand a high level of production and won’t settle for less. I have suggested that you could easily do a live thing and put a song up as that day’s tune, but you will not “stoop” to those levels. Why so meticulously?
One of the best things my dad taught me was whatever you do, do it right. No matter what ya doing. This to me is very dear, very special, so I’m extra pedantic with it. Imagine looking back on it and thinking, ‘Ah, man, March sounds shit!’ How would ya feel!?? When I started I though it may be OK to record a few things at home every now and then, etc. But… nah, I just cant. I just wanna do the best I can.

Who still has the stamina to be on board with assisting you? It must be a big commitment for all involved.
Yeah, it is and, man, am I grateful!! Chris Townend does all the mixing, Jay Whalley the recording, and Joel Ellis on styx! I spoke with they guys before I attempted it… there’s no way I can do this alone… and, lucky for me they are all still keen to see it thru! I personally reckon it must be super hard on ’em. Imagine mixing and recording track after track. ha! And they/we have our own adventures. Two days ago Chris’s computer fried, taking out the fuse box, and I needed a track that morning! Jay’s studio (at Troy Horse) is now shutting down so we’ll have to record in “borrowed” rooms in the coming months ’til he finds a new space, and since I found out he can play keys pretty well…:-) And Joel, he comes in cold, we don’t have time for rehearsals, so it’s like, he sets up and says, “What-cha got?” And 49 times out of 50 we nail it super quick. We’ve played together for over 20 years so having him in on board it is a godsend…Atheistly speaking. Having “guests” come in isn’t easy. There really is no time. But when I can, Nina, who’s sung on my solo stuff before, is in a lot whenever I need a sweet voice, Pete Kostic has done some sick drums, Elissa from Melbourne band Loveless was in Sydney and has an incredible voice so dragged her in (bloody hell, hope they tour again), Scotty on harmonica, Fiona on sax-a-ma-phone… rocking guys!


Is it hard to keep finding inspiration day in, day out?
No, not at all. To me the whole sheeeeebang with music is wonderful and I feel blessed to be part of it. It’s the most gorgeous artform out there! I “see” a song under every nook cranny…just waiting…

What do you think is the best thing you are gaining out of this exercise?
It’s like you can go back to the previous question – everything, really. Yes, it’s super tough getting something cool every day cause there are lotsa factors. Is Jay away this week? Does Chris have time to mix the next three tracks? Shit, Joel is rostered on the only day we have free to do drums this week! etc. But all that aside, being involved with music on this level is effing fantastic! Love it all, day in, day out… Bliss. The only bummer is the lack of interest. I think artistically this is pretty cool and only a small handful have subscribed and the cost is enormous, so thank you for giving a s#@t.



Listen to June on Bandcamp and support this ludicrous endeavour by subscribing if you can:

One response to “Blackie: Song A Day half-yearly report

  1. If you haven’t checked this out go to his bandcamp page and take a look and a listen…a top new tune everyday. And it’s only $9 to subscribe for a months worth of songs.

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